Website Redesign: Centershot Gun Range

Centershot Gun Range screenshot

Centershot Gun Range: Centershot Gun Range is a new indoor shooting range in West Michigan. They wanted to redesign their website because their Flash-based site didn’t work on many mobile devices, and they wanted to add e-commerce functionality. I redesigned the site using HTML5, and used a mobile-friendly (responsive) design, so the site works well on […]

Learn web design with these tutorials & resources

A web designer friend recently asked what resources I used to teach myself web design. I sent her the following list of resources which I used (and still use). She wasn’t interested in WordPress (a shame, but I forgive her), so I excluded my WordPress-specific resources. If you have any favorites I didn’t include, please […]

Web design podcasts that occasionally discuss web design business

This Week in Web Design art

Last week I wrote about my favorite podcasts about the business of web design. There are a lot of web design podcasts that aren’t specifically about the business of web design, but that occasionally discuss web design business topics. I’ve included my favorites below, ranked according to frequency of business content. If you like these, […]

Best web design business podcasts

BizCraft art

These are my favorite podcasts about the business of web design. They frequently cover topics including marketing, pricing, project management, productivity, client relations, entrepreneurship, freelancing, proposals, and contracts and other legal issues. If you like these, you should read my other posts about podcasts. I’m always looking for more, so please add your favorites in […]

Website redesign: (2013)

OptimWise 2013 screenshot

OptimWise LLC: For my 2013 redesign of, my primary goal was to better showcase my portfolio. Secondary goals included refining information about the business, making it easier for people to contact me, and making the blog more visually appealing. My Portfolio page has been one of my most visited pages since I added it, […]