Best WordPress podcasts, summer 2015

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I love WordPress podcasts. They’re such a great way to keep up on the aspects of WordPress I care about: strategy, business development, project management, SEO, and conversion optimization. My teammates handle development and design, so I tend to avoid podcasts that are heavily about those topics. Here’s the latest round of my favorite WordPress podcasts, listed […]

Why use WordPress for a business website?

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Is WordPress the right choice for your business website? In most cases, yes! (Without knowing your business, I can’t say for sure). Let’s look at the reasons why. WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system. WordPress sites currently make up over 23% of the web, and over 60% of CMS sites! Its popularity brings many of its […]

Is WordPress Secure?

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One of the most common questions about WordPress is, “is it secure?” Many get the impression that it’s not, mostly from reading scare-tactic headlines. Let’s look at the facts, and answer the question, “is WordPress secure?” Perception WordPress attracts more hacking attempts than other platforms because of its popularity. It powers about 23% of all websites, and […]

Optimize images in WordPress for SEO & accessibility

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I’m going to show you how to optimize your images in WordPress for SEO and accessibility. Optimizing images for SEO (search engine optimization) contributes towards the SEO of your page and site. Optimizing images for accessibility makes it easier for the visually impaired to understand the images you’re using even though they can’t see them. […]

Best WordPress podcasts, winter 2014

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Here’s the latest round of my favorite WordPress podcasts, listed in order of preference. I prefer those that contain actionable advice over those that are mostly news. These days, I personally focus more on strategy, business development, and project management than development or design (which my teammates handle), and my taste in podcasts reflects that. […]

Find outdated WordPress plugins with No Longer in Directory plugin

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The No Longer in Directory plugin is an excellent tool for maintaining the plugins in your WordPress site. It performs two checks: Has the plugin been removed from the plugin directory? If the plugin is in the directory, is it outdated (not been updated in over two years)? The plugin will check the plugins on your site […]

Best WordPress podcasts, summer 2014

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These are the best WordPress podcasts I’ve found. They have content for WordPress site owners, designers, and developers. My favorites are those that are focused on education rather than news. I listed them in order of preference. If you like these, you should read my other posts about podcasts. I’m always looking for more, so please […]

How to speed up your WordPress site (WordPress performance optimization)

WordPress Grand Rapids WordPress Performance Optimization

We talked about WordPress Performance Optimization at the April 2014 meetup of WordPress Grand Rapids, a group I help organize. Since the meetup, I’ve spoken with a few clients and prospects whose WordPress sites were loading slowly, so I thought it’d be helpful to post here too. The speed of websites has become more important than ever. I talked about it […]

Review: WordPress All-In-One for Dummies 2nd Edition

WordPress All-In-One for Dummies 2nd Edition

WordPress All-In-One for Dummies by Lisa Sabin-Wilson My rating: 3 of 5 stars A broadly informative WordPress book, covering installation, administration, publishing, SEO and social media, design, development, and Network/Multisite. Because it covers so many topics, it doesn’t get very deep into any of them. You’ll want to read more focused WordPress books (or websites) for […]