A web designer friend recently asked what resources I used to teach myself web design. I sent her the following list of resources which I used (and still use). She wasn’t interested in WordPress (a shame, but I forgive her), so I excluded my WordPress-specific resources.

I also spoke about these resources at GRWebDev, a web development meetup in Grand Rapids, MI, on April 22, 2013.

If you have any favorites I didn’t include, please let me know and I’ll check them out.

Video training

  • Lynda (subscription)
  • Treehouse (subscription) (I haven’t used this, but I’ve heard good things)
  • OSTraining (subscription). Because I took an in-person WordPress class I received 6 months of access to their video library. The WordPress tutorials are good, and others probably are too.
  • CSS-Tricks Screencasts

Non-training videos: An Event Apart videos

Interactive training (non-video)


Here’s a list of my favorite web design podcasts. I also have other posts about podcasts.

Other websites


I write book reviews on Goodreads, and I have a list of web design books ranked best to worst. Click “view” in the far right column to read my reviews. I get these from my library (physical or ebook). You can also view book reviews on my site.


Local groups are a great way to meet others you can trade tips with. There are a lot on Meetup, but you can also find them by asking around or googling. Here’s a list of technology-related groups in West Michigan; you can look for similar groups in your area. There are a lot of WordPress meetups and conferences (WordCamps), and I’ll bet you can find equivalents for your focus area.

Social media

Follow and interact with web designers you want to learn from. As you meet people online or offline, follow them on Twitter, follow their blogs, etc.


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    So good to see!
    I’ve followed a similar route of learning web design, but have felt a bit embarrassed to say that I taught myself, and on a shoe-string. However, I have made some expensive mistakes, and not charged enough for a few jobs. But I put this all down to experience and part of the training.
    In the long run, what does it matter how you learn as long as the end result is good?

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    Thanks for sharing the useful resources from where we can learn many new things about website designing and other things by looking the video tutorials on lynda.

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