I’ve been using SignNow.com to have clients electronically sign documents. I frequently need signatures for agreements and acceptance forms, and SignNow.com gives me a free, simple, legal way to get them. These are the general steps:

  1. Upload your document to SignNow.
  2. Enter the other party’s email address to invite them to sign.
  3. The other party signs in their browser.
  4. Both parties download a PDF of the signed document.
SignNow.com add signature

Adding a signature in SignNow.com

SignNow.com document list

Document list in SignNow.com

Either party can also add text notes. I ask clients to enter dates this way. For signatures, you can use plain text, have SignNow generate a stylized signature (this is legal), or upload your own signature (I did this).

Learn more at SignNow.com. What do you use for electronic document signing?

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