Information Technology Careers (presentation slides)

Chad Warner OptimWise Information Technology Careers 1

I had the privilege of speaking to students of Covenant Christian High School for their Career Day 2013. First, Drew Looyenga spoke about IT support and software development. Next, I gave the presentation below. How could I improve this presentation for next time? Tell me in the comments.

Web design software: IDE, editor, FTP, graphics, etc.

Aptana Studio screenshot

What web design software do you use for creating websites? That was the question Dustin Hartzler posed for Episode 95 of the Your Website Engineer Podcast. He asked several web designers and developers what software they used, such as their OS, IDE or code editor, FTP client, graphics editor, browser, and productivity tools. The podcast […]

Find files with Windows 7 Search

windows 7 search filter type

The search feature in Windows 7 is much better than previous versions of Windows. There are 2 main ways to search for files and folders: Use the search box on the Start menu to search within your own computer. Use the search box in a folder to search within any folder, whether on your computer […]

Details view in Windows Explorer

Windows usually shows files in Tiles or Icon view. However, the easiest way to sort files by name or by date is to use the Details view. In this view, the files appear in rows, and there are columns that show each file’s properties, such as Name, Date modified, Type, and Size. Windows remembers the […]

How to use printing preferences in Windows

gutenberg press

Before you print, check your printing preferences! Set printing preferences Printing preferences are settings like duplexing, orientation, color, and print quality. Here’s how to review and change them. In the program you’re printing from, such as Word, click File > Print. Near the name of the printer should be a button or link named something […]

Budget home computer Fall 2010

I recently built a custom home productivity PC for a client. The PC was built for web browsing, Microsoft Office, and watching DVDs. The operating system (OS) is Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit. Here are the components, with links to Newegg. Processor (CPU): AMD Athlon II X2 245 Motherboard: Foxconn A6GMV Video card: GIGABYTE […]

7 technology trends from Holland Chamber of Commerce Tech Lunch

Today I went to the Business Technology Trends Tech Lunch at Herrick District Library, put on by the Holland Chamber of Commerce. Jason Kehrer, Chief Problem Solver at The Image Group, presented 7 emerging technology trends to an audience of local business owners and professionals. Throughout the presentation, we discussed how these technologies are affecting […]

18 keyboard shortcuts for Windows

Stop wasting time moving your hands from the keyboard to the mouse! These keyboard shortcuts will work for most Windows programs: Alt+underlined letter: Open menu, select option, or press button F2: Rename file or folder (after clicking to select it) Windows Key+E: Open My Computer Windows Key+D: Minimize all open windows, show the desktop Home/Ctrl+Home: […]

Fix Windows Photo Viewer yellow tint background

Every time I update my video driver, Windows Photo Viewer returns to the days of old-fashioned, sepia-toned photos. The image and background space around the image has a yellow/tan tint. I’ll show you how to fix this problem. Note: this post is from 2010, but people have reported that this works for Windows Vista, 7, […] alternatives to desktop or online software

Looking for an alternative to a program for Windows, Mac, or Linux, or a substitute for a web app? Try Just type in the name of the software you’d like to see alternatives to, and you’ll get a list of alternatives ranked by popularity. Let’s say you’re looking for alternatives to Dropbox, a popular […]