Bearboy Gourmet website screenshot

Bearboy Gourmet:

Drew McClean, owner of Bearboy Gourmet, needed some changes made to the WordPress site where he sells seasonings and grilling products. I helped Drew fix a problem with his site’s Google Checkout integration, then added several new grilling products to his store. I also restructured the navigation menu and added a blog. Finally, I added a Facebook Like Box that shows lets visitors easily like Bearboy Gourmet on Facebook, and shows which of their friends like it too.

Drew was kind enough to write me the following LinkedIn recommendation:

“It was great working with Chad. He helped make our webpage far more functional and solved several problems I would have never been able to tackle without him. He was worth every penny, and it’s great to know he’s in my corner if I ever need him again.”

Visit the live site at


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