You can never be too security-conscious with WordPress, so let’s look an excellent security plugin: WP Security Scan. I found out about this plugin from the WordPress 3: Developing Secure Sites course on

This plugin does several things, but I especially like the initial scan, permissions scanner, and database prefix changer.

Initial Scan

Provides a quick scan of your site and makes security recommendations.

WP Security Scan initial scan

Permissions scanner

Checks directory permissions to make sure they’re set properly.

WP Security Scan permissions

Database prefix changer

A common security-through-obscurity tip is to change the database prefix. I used this plugin to change the database prefix for several sites, and encountered no trouble. Still, make a backup first!

WP Security Scan database prefix

This plugin integrates with WebsiteDefender‘s online services, which I haven’t checked out. Luke Rumley of Rumley Design, a fellow member of WordPress Grand Rapids, told me that they provide downtime monitoring like Pingdom.

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