Best web design podcasts, Summer 2012

These are my favorite audio podcasts covering the technical and business aspects of web design. They also feature topics such as web development, usability, marketing, freelancing, and entrepreneurship. For podcasts focused on WordPress, see my post Best WordPress podcasts, Spring 2012.

My last post on the best web design podcasts was from October 2011, so it was time to update the list. I’ve listed them roughly in order of preference, and included the description from each podcast’s site or iTunes page. I like practical shows that talk about tips and tricks better than those that are mostly news and interviews.

If you like these, you should read my other posts about podcasts. I’m always looking for more, so please add your favorites in the comments!


A live web design and development podcast by Chris Coyier and Dave Rupert.
ShopTalk Web Design Podcast art

The Boagworld Show

Boagworld is a podcast for all those involved in designing, developing or running a website on a daily basis. The show is divided into seasons consisting of 6 episodes. Each season covers a particular topic and is accompanied by an associated ebook. They also interview leading figures in the world of web design including people like Jeffrey Zeldman, Jeremy Keith and Andy Clarke.
boagworld art

Boagworld's Boos

Boagworld's recent boos posted to

boagworld's boos art

This Week in Web Design

This Week in Web Design helps simplify the web design process by having guest experts in business, creative, tech and marketing answer your questions. Join Host Jose Caballer of The Groop as he helps steer the web to better design.
This Week in Web Design art

SitePoint Podcast

News, opinion, and fresh thinking for web developers and designers. The official podcast of
SitePoint Podcast art

The Web Ahead

A weekly podcast about changing technologies and the future of the web, discussing HTML5, mobile, responsive design, iOS, Android, and more.
The Web Ahead art

PageBreak Podcast

PageBreak is a design, business and marketing-themed podcast hosted by Liz Andrade and Niki Brown. The main goal of the club is to build a strong online community of designers, developers, freelancer (like ourselves) and to encourage people to read more and share their ideas and opinions!
PageBreak Podcast art

Freelance Jam

This is the audio version of Freelance Jam - the show for independent professionals who build the web. Hosted by Brian Casel (@casjam) and Dave Yankowiak (@daveyank) with guests from across the web industry. Regular topics include freelance business, web design, entrepreneurship, working from home, killer apps, and more.

freelance jam podcast art

Web Weekly

The Podcast for All things Web.
Web Weekly art

The Non-Breaking Space Show

Non Breaking Space is a show where we’ll seek out the best, brightest and smartest people on the web and talk to them about how and why they do what they do. Your hosts are Christopher Schmitt and Dave McFarland, two web designers, authors and trainers who have a passion for sharing knowledge about the web.
The Non Breaking Space Show art

The East Wing

The East Wing is a weekly show, hosted by Tim Smith & Galen Gidman, that talks about design, user experience problem solving and the keys to creating products with value.

The East Wing art

The Big Web Show

The Big Web Show features special guests and topics like web publishing, art direction, content strategy, typography, web technology, and more. It's everything web that matters.
The Big Web Show art

Web Directions Podcast

Sessions from the Web Directions conference series.

Web Directions logo

Young Guns Show

A podcast about young people that make the web by Galen Gidman.

Young Guns Show art

The Freelance Radio Show

The Freelance Radio Show is the premier podcast covering all aspects of freelancing including moonlighting and running a full-time business. With a humorous yet insightful panel of diverse freelancers, the show gives you everything you need to make the most out of your freelance business.
The Freelance Radio Show art

The Industry Radio Show

The Industry is an independent blog and podcast highlighting design focused startups and people. We exist to give the design driven a voice in tech media.
The Industry Radio Show art

Rookie Designer

Rookie Designer is the podcast for the up and coming designer. See the world of graphic, photography and multimedia through the eyes of a beginner, and acquire the skills necessary to become a veteran Designer. Discussion will include techniques, solutions, business practices, application specific tips and tutorials, and general design, technology and photography topics. Everybody is a Rookie before they're an All-Star!
Rookie Designer art

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4 comments on “Best web design podcasts, Summer 2012”

  1. Great list Chad. Thanks for sharing. Bogworld, The Web Ahead and The Big Web show were already part of my steady podcast diet but I will be sure to sample a few of these other podcasts you have mentioned.

    Dan Benjamin's 5by5 network has a lot to offer as does Leo Laporte's TWIT network I would check out TWIT for a few gems as well.

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