Best WordPress podcasts, summer 2015

I love WordPress podcasts. They're such a great way to keep up on the aspects of WordPress I care about: strategy, business development, project management, SEO, and conversion optimization. My teammates handle development and design, so I tend to avoid podcasts that are heavily about those topics.

Here's the latest round of my favorite WordPress podcasts, listed in order of preference.

If you like these, you should read my other posts about podcasts. I’m always looking for more, so please share your favorites in the comments!

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WPwatercooler is great for the hosts' range of opinions and advice. It features roundtable discussions about providing client services, WordPress development, digital marketing, and the WordPress community. Sometimes it's hard to understand what's said because people talk over each other. I love that they limit each episode to 30 minutes. 

WPwatercooler art

Your Website Engineer

Your Website Engineer covers WordPress and a range of digital marketing topics. Some episodes are for beginners, and others are more advanced (sometimes difficult to follow in audio). Over the last year or so topics have drifted away from WordPress to other digital marketing topics, but they usually connect to WordPress in some way. 

I've known host Dustin Hartzler for a few years, and I've had the honor of being interviewed in Episode 104: Become a Full-Time Freelance Developer. I was also interviewed in Episode 95: Software for Everyday WordPress Users.

Your Website Engineer podcast art

BlogAid Podcast

The BlogAid Podcast curates tips on WordPress, performance, security, content marketing, SEO, and digital marketing. Most of the tips are recommendations of blog posts, videos, and other third-party content, so you need to check the show notes after listening to an episode. It's nice and short (10-15 minutes). Many episodes includes Google+ tips, and I wish they didn't. 

BlogAid Podcast cover art


KitchenSinkWP episodes are refreshingly short (often 10-15 minutes), with tips, tricks and tools, and interviews with WordPress users. Some episodes are more technical, and others are for beginners.

I met host Adam Silver online a few years ago, through Dustin Hartzler, host of Your Website Engineer. I had the honor of being interviewed in episode 35: Interview with Chad Warner of OptimWise.

Kitchen Sink WordPress cover art

WP Elevation

WP Elevation focuses on the business side of WordPress, featuring interviews with WordPress entrepreneurs and businesspeople. It's more about business and digital marketing than WordPress specifically. 

WP Elevation Podcast cover art


WPRoundTable features a panel of WordPress experts and guests who discuss topics such as development, hosting, themes, SEO, performance, and business. They're usually a couple months behind in posting the episodes to iTunes, so I haven't heard any of the recent episodes. 

I joined the WPRoundTable for episode 48: Chad Warner from OptimWise.

WPRoundTable logo gives advice to WordPress professionals (designers, consultants, developers, and site owners) on topics such as hosting, security, backups, themes, SEO, and more. Sadly, they switched from weekly to "we might go a while between episodes" in Feb 2015. cover

Matt Report

The Matt Report is a series of interviews with people who run businesses around WordPress, usually providing client services or selling products (themes, plugins, maintenance, etc.). Matt and his guests often share valuable business insights. 

Matt Report a WordPress business podcast art host and popular Genesis developer Carrie Dils invites guests to talk about Genesis, StudioPress, WordPress, and business. art

Other WordPress podcasts

Here are more WordPress podcasts, listed in no particular order. I don't subscribe to these.

WordPress Breakdown Podcast: BobWP answers beginner-level WordPress questions in short episodes (under 15 minutes).

WordPress Weekly, the podcast of WP Tavern, covers news and community discussions related to WordPress. A guest might mention something about design, development, or business, but they aren't the focus. 

Apply Filters includes conversations about WordPress plugin development, and sometimes about selling WordPress products (themes, plugins, SaaS). 

The WordPress Chick Podcast usually includes a WordPress-related topic as well as business topics. I unsubscribed because the episodes are more aimless than I like.

WordPress Tips & Tricks: "WordPress help, advice, and listeners' questions answered by Steve Hart."

The DradCast: "Although not limited to WordPress alone, the DradCast is a weekly video podcast with Dre Armeda and Brad Williams that primarily concentrates on the latest news around WordPress, upcoming WordPress events, and the wonderful community … "

WordPress Plugins A to Z regularly reviews plugins. I don't subscribe because I don't need to know about most of the plugins they cover, but it's a good resource if you want to hear about a specific plugin.


Which of these do you listen to? Did I miss any? Let's chat about WordPress podcasts in the comments.

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