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Google products for small business

Interested in learning about Google's products for small businesses? Jason Kehrer and I discussed a few of them at the Chamber Tech Lunch on April 21, 2011. About 70 attendees shared their experiences and asked and answered questions, mostly about Google's tools for online marketing. Tips for all Google products Enable SSL security: select always […]

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Careers in Information Technology (IT) and Web Design

I talked about careers in Information Technology and Web Design at Career Day at Covenant Christian High School on April 22, 2011. Here's my presentation, plus a few resources for students interested in these fields. Hint: click the play button, then click More in the corner of the presentation to switch to fullscreen. Presentation Resources […]

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How to charge Lithium-ion batteries

How many batteries are within your reach right now? Your phone, iPod, laptop, camera, and Kindle all likely run on lithium ion (Li-ion) batteries. Here’s how to keep those batteries healthy. Batteries like cool temperatures and exercise. Try to keep batteries below 86°F (30°C). Exercise batteries with frequent charging and discharging (by using the device). […]

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How to write good subject lines

Poorly written subject lines are one of my pet peeves. These subject line tips apply to messages sent by email, Facebook, LinkedIn, or other messaging systems with subject lines. Always write a subject line. Don’t leave it blank! Don’t use the subject line to start a conversation, with lines such as "hi" or "what’s up?". […]

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Backupify WordPress plugin: free, automatic WordPress backup

You know it's important to back up your WordPress sites. Backupify gives you 2 GB of storage for free, and the Backupify plugin backs up your site files and database. You can back up multiple WordPress sites into a single Backupify account, and you can always pay for more storage. Install Backupify plugin for WordPress […]

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Proper posture at a computer desk

Computer positioning Monitor: at arm’s length, with top at eye level Keyboard: at elbow height; don’t use a wrist rest Mouse: close to keyboard; move with forearm, not wrist; don’t use a wrist rest Body positioning Head: line up ears with shoulders Shoulders: relaxed, with upper arms hanging normally at your sides Elbows: close to […]

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9 best WordPress podcasts for WordPress tips, reviews, news

To keep improving my WordPress skills when I'm away from my computer, I listen to podcasts. It's difficult to teach the technical aspects of web design through audio, so many of these cover WordPress news and opinion, but a few have WordPress tips and tricks as well. These are the best WordPress podcasts I've found […]

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Details view in Windows Explorer

Windows usually shows files in Tiles or Icon view. However, the easiest way to sort files by name or by date is to use the Details view. In this view, the files appear in rows, and there are columns that show each file’s properties, such as Name, Date modified, Type, and Size. Windows remembers the […]

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Book review: WordPress In Depth by Bud E. Smith and Michael McCallister

WordPress In Depth by Bud E. Smith My rating: 3 of 5 stars Based on the title, I expected to be overwhelmed by the “in depth”, technical details of WordPress. Instead, I was bored by the first 3 parts, which are mainly aimed at novice bloggers, and explain posts, graphics, links, and content creation. […]

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WordPress Update Notifier plugin sends email notifications

Update 10/2/2012: The Update Notifier plugin hasn't been updated since 9/20/2010. I've switched to WP Updates Notifier, a fork of Update Notifier that's being actively maintained. The Update Notifier plugin sends email notifications for updates to WordPress, and, optionally, updates to plugins and themes (the components that would normally notify you on the Updates page […]

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Book review: Web Design All-in-One For Dummies

Web Design All-in-One Desk Reference For Dummies by Sue Jenkins My rating: 3 of 5 stars A simple, visual reference for beginning web designers. Five books in one, covering many areas related to web design, including planning, designing, graphics, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, web standards, testing, hosting, and search engine optimization. In her examples, the author […]

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How to use printing preferences in Windows

Before you print, check your printing preferences! Set printing preferences Printing preferences are settings like duplexing, orientation, color, and print quality. Here’s how to review and change them. In the program you’re printing from, such as Word, click File > Print. Near the name of the printer should be a button or link named something […]

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