Rocket fuel for your website and online marketing alternatives to desktop or online software

Looking for an alternative to a program for Windows, Mac, or Linux, or a substitute for a web app? Try Just type in the name of the software you'd like to see alternatives to, and you'll get a list of alternatives ranked by popularity. Let's say you're looking for alternatives to Dropbox, a popular […]

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When a website won't load for me, my first question is, "is the site really down, or is it just me?" I use to check. It uses a monitoring network to check the site from several different locations, then determines if the site is actually up or down. provides the same service, but […]

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Best WordPress podcasts

Update: here's my latest list of WordPress podcasts. These are the best WordPress podcasts I've found so far. Please share your favorites in the comments! The WordPress Podcast: Joost de Valk and Frederick Townes interview people from inside and outside the WordPress community on how they use WordPress. Each show features plugin picks of the […]

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Best free software download sites

Where can you get free software for your Windows PC? Ideally, directly from the software creator, such as Google, Apple, or Microsoft. What if you don't know who makes the software? A Google search will likely take you straight to it, but search results can be hijacked. Here are my favorite reputable sites for downloading […]

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Ketarin: keep installers and portable apps updated

I carry a USB drive containing my software toolkit: various programs for removing malware, tuning up Windows, installing updates, etc. Some are installers that install programs to a hard drive, and others are portable applications that run straight from the USB drive without hard drive installation. Because most of these programs are frequently updated, it's […]

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Post audio to

The best way I've found to post audio files (such as MP3s) to sites is to upload the files to the Internet Archive, then link to them from your post. The Internet Archive offers free media hosting, with no file size or bandwidth limits, as far as I could find. You could also […]

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Laptop buying guide

I'm often asked, "I need a laptop. What should I buy?" Although the technical specifications of laptops change constantly, the basics have remained the same for years.¬† Below are some things to consider when shopping for a laptop (AKA notebook computer). A note about netbooks: these portable computers are smaller than laptops (usually with 9 […]

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Windows startup slow? Change transfer mode from PIO to DMA

I recently helped a client with a laptop that had suddenly become agonizingly slow to start up. The Windows XP loading screen stayed up for longer than normal, and it took several more minutes after that for the desktop to load and be usable; over 7 minutes total. Any hard drive intensive programs ran extremely […]

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When I run across a website that's visually appealing, functional, and fast, I like to find out what technology powers that site. I've found¬† a helpful resource for finding this information. Enter a website address, and BuiltWith lists return's the site's Technology Profile. This profile includes details such as the server software, analytics platform, blog […]

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Want to know what web host is hosting a particular website? Maybe you're shopping for a web host, or you're just curious who hosts your favorite websites. I use, which answers the question its name poses. Simply type in the website address, and will try to tell you who the host is, as […]

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Prevent Verizon picture messages from resizing pictures

Have you noticed that pictures sent from your Verizon phone are small and low-resolution? The fix is to change the phone's camera resolution. Read on for details. I have a Samsung Intensity with Verizon Wireless. This phone's highest camera resolution is 1280 x 960 pixels, which I naturally set it at. Imagine my surprise, then, […]

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Promote your business with social media

Practically any organization, whether it's a business, non-profit, or even a single freelancer, can benefit from social media. On June 16, Lakeshore Advantage hosted a social media lunch event with Jason Sadler, founder of I went and listened to Jason talk about creating and growing I Wear Your Shirt, and how he uses social […]

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