Why Your Business Needs a Mobile-Friendly Design Now

When visitors open your website on their phones, they’re interested in utilizing your services in real-time. They’ve searched for you, decided your business is credible, and now they want to find out about your offerings.

They try to move around your home page, click on one of your service pages, and locate your contact information. However, your site’s current design makes those actions more difficult than they need to be.

What Happens When Your Business Doesn’t Have a Responsive Website for Mobile Users

Your website doesn’t open an easy-to-use, scrollable mobile version of your home page. Rather, your visitors have to zoom in to click on the service they want.

That service page opens in a giant, nearly unreadable format.

Hoping to just call you directly, they click on your business’ phone number. Nothing happens.

Your website isn't set up to allow click-to-dial.

They aren’t going to shuttle between two windows in order to type in your phone number. They’re going to close your site, and you’re going to lose a customer. This scenario happens thousands of times daily to companies who never adopted a mobile-friendly website design. Here’s why they should.

Google Search Algorithms Favor Responsive Web Design

Google changed its search engine algorithm in spring 2015 to favor mobile-friendly websites. The update, colloquially referred to as "Mobilegeddon," has pushed unresponsive websites down in Google searches done from mobile devices.

If your site’s web design isn’t mobile-friendly, your site may be ranked so low that prospects will no longer find it.

Mobile Traffic and Shopping Time Exceeds Computer Use

Consumer buying trends shifted dramatically in 2013 with mobile purchases exceeding desktop purchases for the first time. According to comScore, about 55% of buying time occurred on mobile devices, 44% of that on smartphones and 11% of that on tablets.

Since that time, mobile shopping has continued to skyrocket while desktop-bound shopping customers have increased very modestly.

It’s Necessary for Millennial Market Penetration

According to Nielsen, “Overall smartphone penetration continues to rise rapidly, growing about eight percentage points year-over-year from 80% in third-quarter 2015 to 88% in third-quarter 2016.”

The percentage of millennials who own smartphones and mobile devices is consistently in the high 90s. As a result, they’re tech-savvy--and relatively impatient.

Once they open a page and see it isn’t responsive, they’ll close it. This single move could ruin your chances of ever getting their business.

Why does it matter if you sell your wares to millennials? They’re the largest generation since Baby Boomers, meaning you won’t survive long-term without their business.

And why should you implement a mobile-friendly site to reach millennials? They purchase a huge percentage of products and services on their smartphones and tablets.

Mobile-Friendly Sites Facilitate Social Media Referrals

According to Forbes, social media drives almost a third of all referral traffic (traffic that comes into a website from another website or app). Almost 80% of all social media engagement occurs on mobile devices. In other words, a sea of prospective customers are using social media apps on their smartphones and tablets.

If your business doesn’t have a social media presence and a strong, mobile-friendly website, then those prospective customers are going to explore other options. If you do, your current customer base has a simple and easy way to refer you and gush about your services.

A Great Mobile Site Makes Your Business More Relevant

You want your business to be attuned to consumer trends. Even if you’ve produced interesting content and posted great photos, prospective customers want to see that your website appears up-to-date. If your website appears to be outdated, they may assume your products, services, tools, and processes are similarly outdated.

How OptimWise Can Give Your Business a Responsive, Mobile-Friendly Website

If you haven’t adopted a mobile-friendly website, explore OptimWise’s professional web design services. We emphasize function over form, creating effective, responsive websites with an elegant aesthetic. To learn what we can do for your company’s website, contact our team today.

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