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We had fun redesigning our site for 2016! We had a few goals for the redesign: Raise our image as a professional web agency Generate more quality leads Better explain our competitive advantage Increase email newsletter subscriptions Promote our SEO services We had aspects we wanted to add to the site, but we wanted to keep it as simple […]

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Managing WordPress projects (WP Round Table interview)

I was interviewed about managing WordPress projects for the WP Round Table podcast on March 16, 2015. We talked about scoping projects, qualifying prospects, managing a remote team, and more. I had met host Kyle Maurer at WordCamp Grand Rapids 2014, and I was honored to be a guest on the podcast. Below are video and audio. I had […]

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Website mistakes: topic of upcoming Chamber talk, Jan 15, 2015

Are you making mistakes with your small business website? Business websites exist to sell, directly or indirectly. Small businesses often lose sight of that, and make mistakes with the content, design, marketing, and technical aspects of their sites. Learn how to fix these mistakes so your site delivers business results. I'll be presenting Website Mistakes […]

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Chad Warner's WordPress & business journey (KitchenSinkWP interview)

I was interviewed about my WordPress and business journey for the KitchenSinkWP podcast. I met host Adam Silver a few years ago through Dustin Hartzler, host of the Your Website Engineer podcast. Podcast summary Tools mentioned Conclusion What did you find interesting or helpful about this episode? Leave a comment!

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Website Mistakes Small Businesses Make, and How to Fix Them: WordCamp Grand Rapids 2014

I gave this presentation, Website Mistakes Small Businesses Make, and How to Fix Them, at WordCamp Grand Rapids 2014. I’ve seen many small businesses make website mistakes that hurt their results. My presentation was about how to fix these mistakes so your site delivers business results. Below are the video, slides, and detailed notes. Not optimizing to sell How […]

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I'll be speaking at WordCamp Grand Rapids 2014

I'm very excited to announce that I'll be speaking at WordCamp Grand Rapids 2014! My session is titled, Website Mistakes Small Businesses Make, and How to Fix Them. I'll be giving away free advice, so join in! My speaker interview was just posted. WordCamp Grand Rapids is the annual WordPress conference in Grand Rapids, MI. This […]

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Creating a nonprofit WordPress site at GiveCamp Grand Rapids 2013

Last month I volunteered to help create a WordPress site at GiveCamp Grand Rapids 2013. What's a GiveCamp? From the GiveCamp Grand Rapids site, GiveCamp is a weekend-long event where technology professionals – from designers, developers and database administrators to marketers and web strategists – donate their time to provide solutions for non-profit organizations. This […]

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Information Technology Careers (presentation slides)

I had the privilege of speaking to students of a high school for their Career Day 2013. First, an IT pro spoke about IT support and software development. Next, I gave the presentation below, which is an overview of careers in Information Technology (IT). How could I improve this presentation for next time? Tell me […]

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How I made my adjustable height standing desk

I’ve been using an adjustable height standing desk (AKA stand-up desk) since October 2012, and I love it. I feel more energetic, and it helps me maintain better posture. I've been sitting only 0-5 working hours per week, and standing the remaining time. I started hearing about standing desks a couple years ago. I remember […]

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Website redesign: (2013)

For my 2013 redesign of, my primary goal was to better showcase my portfolio. Secondary goals included refining information about the business, making it easier for people to contact me, and making the blog more visually appealing. My Portfolio page has been one of my most visited pages since I added it, so I decided […]

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How I left my job to be a freelance web designer

On January 1, 2013, I'll have completed my transition from my day job to being a full-time freelance web designer. How did I do it? To find out, listen to Episode 104: Become a Full-Time Freelance Developer of the Your Website Engineer podcast (one of my favorite podcasts). In this episode, I had the pleasure […]

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OptimWise featured on This Week in Web Design

I had the awesome opportunity to be featured in two episodes of This Week in Web Design, one of my favorite web design shows. I didn't personally appear in episode 32, but I did in episode 33. In Episode 32: How do I plan a website redesign?, they analyzed my/OptimWise's attributes and my clients' attributes, and […]

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