Chad Warner's WordPress & business journey (KitchenSinkWP interview)

I was interviewed about my WordPress and business journey for the KitchenSinkWP podcast. I met host Adam Silver a few years ago through Dustin Hartzler, host of the Your Website Engineer podcast.

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Podcast summary

  • The etymology of the name OptimWise: optimize + wise
  • How I started with WordPress in 2009
  • How I started OptimWise in 2010
  • Members of the OptimWise team
  • My least favorite part about WordPress: effort required to make sites secure
  • My favorite part about WordPress: the helpful community
  • The types of clients OptimWise works with: mostly small businesses providing professional services, but some nonprofits and manufacturers
  • Tools I use (see below)
  • Advice for beginners: find mentors, figure out your specialty, and find the best resources to learn from

Tools mentioned


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