How a Password Manager Can Help with Website Passwords

You need a password for your WordPress site, as well as for your web host, domain registrar, and dozens of other websites in your life. How can you remember them all? You don't need to if you use a password manager! What's a password manager? A password manager is software that creates, saves, and enters passwords, increasing both security and convenience.

Create Passwords

A password manager can quickly and easily create strong (long, complex) passwords for you.

A password manager can create a unique password for each website, so that even if one of your passwords is part of a breach, it won't work for more than one website.

Save Passwords

A password manager will save your passwords, whether you have dozens or hundreds. There's no way you'd be able to remember a large number of unique, strong passwords.

A password manager securely protects your passwords with a master password, in a way that even the maker of the password manager can't see them.

Enter Passwords

A password manager can enter your passwords for you, saving you from typing or even copying and pasting.

One additional benefit of many password managers is protection against phishing. If you click a link to a phishing site that looks like a legitimate website but is actually trying to steal your password, the password manager will recognize that the website's domain doesn't match what it has stored, and it won't fill in the password.

Recommended Password Managers

If you're looking for a password manager, here are a few to consider:

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