Security: The Most Important Service Your IT Company Isn't Marketing (And Why It Should)

The way businesses operate has changed. More people work remotely, outside of protected corporate networks. More people work from mobile devices, using apps that aren’t IT-approved and networks that aren’t secure.

While this new way of running operations may reduce costs, it also presents significant cyber security threats.

That's where you come in. Since your IT company already offers security services, you can now leverage the office-free revolution to increase your business. Here’s why you can get started immediately.

Why Security Services Are Your Duty as an IT Professional

As an IT professional, you do more than install software and troubleshoot issues for your clients. You safeguard business-critical data.

Without your protection, your clients would become targets for data breaches, malware, ransomware, and other cyber threats. They’d lose money and, possibly, their entire business as well.

Because of this, your company’s security services are arguably the most important services you offer. It’s part of your duty as an IT professional to promote them and guide businesses needing security solutions to your figurative doorstep.

5 Ways You Can Market Your Security Services

To do this effectively, your website needs clear-cut explanations about the security services you offer and ongoing content production to demonstrate your expertise. If your current marketing strategy overlooks your security services, then review the following tips.

1. Create Lead Magnets to Place on Your Website

Lead magnets attract prospective clients by offering high-value content or small engagements. Interested prospective clients who want access to the content or engagement enter their contact information. When they do, you get a lead in your sales funnel.

For your lead magnets we recommend creating security-related guides and checklists, and offering free audits and initial consultations. Try topics such as:

  • 10 Steps to Stronger Network Security
  • 5 Security Questions to Ask Your Cloud Provider
  • 3 Ways Ransomware Can Enter Your Network

Once your audience has offered their contact information, you can steer them further down your company’s sales funnel and ask them to engage your services.

2. Feature Security-Related Content in Your Service Pages

Search engines can’t pick up on products and services you don’t feature on your website. Add content that explains the kinds of security services you offer, and consider publishing a dedicated security services page. Both will help to improve your Google rank, and attract prospective customers.

3. Highlight Security Services every 1 in 4 Blog Posts

As a general guideline, try to feature security-related topics in 25% of your company’s blog posts. Regular posts will indicate that your company knows the ins and outs of security. Make sure that each blog has digestible content, and an easy-to-scan format for mobile users.

4. Share Case Studies and Success Stories

Ask your current clients to participate in testimonials, which you’ll in turn publish on your website and share across your social media channels. Testimonials, case studies, and success stories are forms of social proof. They indicate to prospective clients that you’re trustworthy and dependable, attributes which are important to prospects who need help with security.

5. Mention Security in Your Email Newsletters and Social Media

Like blog posts, try to feature security-related topics in 25% of your email newsletters and social media. These mentions will alert current clients that you can help them with security, which can increase the amount of business you do with them.

Lastly, it’s important to highlight other products and services that involve security in a less direct way such as backup and disaster recovery (BDR), networking, cloud solutions, and operating systems. Your marketing content should explain how critical these services are to prospective customers and how your company, by including them under your umbrella of security services, takes a holistic approach to security.

How Our Web Agency Can Market Your Security Services

You wouldn’t expect your clients to manage network security. Similarly, no one expects you to manage your IT company’s online marketing and web design. Contact the experts at OptimWise today and learn how we can jump-start your company’s marketing and content strategies.

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7 comments on “Security: The Most Important Service Your IT Company Isn't Marketing (And Why It Should)”

  1. This is an informative post. Those who are starting to create their own website. Because security is your number one priority to make it more secure for your website. Keep these tips in mind if you want to have a successful website that will be launched in the future.

    1. Thank you, Chase! Yes, businesses and other organizations are becoming increasingly concerned about online security, and rightfully so. IT companies can benefit from putting their minds at ease.

  2. In IT company, a IT professional should always be aware about the security. As there are huge number of data are present and they handle so many project, thus there is chance of detection of antivirus such as malware or some cyber issue, so if a IT professional doesn't have the details knowledge how to keep the security of the company they should keep reading your article and really in your mentioned point is worth a lot.

    1. Juan, you're right that security awareness has become even more important for IT professionals in recent years. As IT pros increase in their security knowledge and abilities, they need to let businesses know that they can put their security expertise to work for them. Both IT pros and businesses benefit!

  3. I really appreciate your efforts put on this blog. You have shared the very valuable information regarding network security. This blog post will be very helpful for peoples. Keep sharing!!I really appreciate your efforts put in this blog.

  4. This is very helpful for those looking into boosting their marketing skills with their services. Success stories are actually very helpful because people like reading stories from everyday people, so putting something like this in would definitely help.

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