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Copy & Migrate WordPress Sites with Duplicator Plugin

Step-by-step instructions to copy and migrate a WordPress site with the free Duplicator plugin.

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Sucuri SiteCheck: free WordPress malware scan

WordPress' popularity makes it a frequent malware target. If you suspect your site has malware (and even if you don't), you should scan it for free with Sucuri SiteCheck. The scan checks for several types of malicious threats. Here's a screenshot of what you want to see; all green checkmarks. If the scan finds malware […]

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Semisecure Login Reimagined plugin secures WordPress login without SSL

Note added June 18, 2020: When this post was originally written, TLS/SSL certificates could be expensive and difficult to install. Fortunately, things have changed for the better over the last few years. Many web hosts will give you a free Let's Encrypt certificate, and they make it easy to install. Another thing that has changed is […]

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WP Security Scan plugin checks WordPress permissions & database security

You can never be too security-conscious with WordPress, so let's look an excellent security plugin: WP Security Scan. I found out about this plugin from the WordPress 3: Developing Secure Sites course on LinkedIn Learning. This plugin does several things, but I especially like the initial scan, permissions scanner, and database prefix changer. Initial Scan […]

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IDrive WordPress plugin: free, automatic WordPress backup

I have a new WordPress backup plugin recommendation: IDrive for WordPress. I previously recommended the Backupify plugin, but my backups have been failing, and Backupify told me its plugin is no longer supported. I've used IDrive for backing up PCs for family and clients, so I decided to try the IDrive for WordPress plugin. So […]

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Backupify WordPress plugin: free, automatic WordPress backup

You know it's important to back up your WordPress sites. Backupify gives you 2 GB of storage for free, and the Backupify plugin backs up your site files and database. You can back up multiple WordPress sites into a single Backupify account, and you can always pay for more storage. Install Backupify plugin for WordPress […]

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WordPress Update Notifier plugin sends email notifications

Update 10/2/2012: The Update Notifier plugin hasn't been updated since 9/20/2010. I've switched to WP Updates Notifier, a fork of Update Notifier that's being actively maintained. The Update Notifier plugin sends email notifications for updates to WordPress, and, optionally, updates to plugins and themes (the components that would normally notify you on the Updates page […]

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