Your Website Must Prove You're a Specialist

If tests showed you had heart trouble, would you want to talk to your primary care provider (PCP), or a cardiologist? Right, you'd want to talk to the heart specialist, not the generalist PCP. Your primary care provider can help you with minor, routine healthcare, but when you have a major, specific, or rare problem, your PCP refers you to a specialist.

If you were looking for an accounting firm for your business, would you prefer the firm that serves 29 different industries, or the one that specializes in your industry? If you needed an IT managed service provider (MSP) to provide IT support for your company, would you choose the MSP that helps with any IT needs in your county, or the MSP with clients just like your business?

Most people want to work with specialists, not generalists. They want to work with companies that are familiar with their industry, market, products and services, problems and solutions. By specializing, you can stand out from your competition, many of whom are likely generalists.

Specialization Improves Your Marketing

One advantage of specialization is that your marketing will be much more effective. You'll know who you're speaking to, so you'll be able to craft your messaging to resonate with your audience.

You'll be able to show proof that you can help your audience because you'll have case studies, success stories, and testimonials from your audience.

Your marketing budget will go further, because rather than trying to reach a huge number of people, you'll be targeting a subset of the market.

Ways to Niche

There are several ways to slice your market to find your niche:

  • Industry (e.g., you help the real estate industry)
  • Technology (e.g., you help companies that use Amazon Web Services)
  • Vendor affiliation (e.g., you help suppliers on BMW)
  • Problem (e.g., you help businesses struggling to expand into new markets)

Find Your Niche

Don't have a niche? Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Who's your ideal client? Think of your favorite clients/customers, or those who love to work with. What do they all have in common? 
  • What do you do better than your competition?
  • What unique expertise and experience do you have?

Tailor Your Site to Your Niche

Once you determine your niche, revise your website to fit it. Update your content (text, images, video, etc.) to be specific to your niche rather than general to any visitor. You want your ideal customer to land on your site and think, "Wow, they're the perfect fit!"

Don't Fear Loss of Business

When I talk to businesses about niching, one of the most common objections is, "But we don't want to turn any business away!" And you don't need to, if you don't want to. Even if you customize your website and overall marketing to attract your ideal client/customer, you can still choose to work with anyone else who comes to you.

Ready to Show Your Specialty?

Are you ready to prove that you're a specialist through your website? Contact us to talk about how we can revise your website to showcase your expertise and experience.

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