Website redesign: (2013)

For my 2013 redesign of, my primary goal was to better showcase my portfolio. Secondary goals included refining information about the business, making it easier for people to contact me, and making the blog more visually appealing.

My Portfolio page has been one of my most visited pages since I added it, so I decided to promote it by adding a portfolio slider to the homepage. The portfolio page now displays two columns of screenshots, with links to read more about each project.

To make it easier for people to contact me, I added links to the homepage and the sidebar of several pages. I also revised the content of the Contact page. I rewrote the About page in a Q&A format, which is more engaging than the previous bland description. I added featured images to the blog to make posts more attractive, and switched from showing full posts to excerpts, making it easier to skim through posts.

The new design retains the logo, color scheme, and fonts from my 2012 rebranding, with more color. It's also more responsive than last year's design, so it works even better on mobile devices. I previously posted about the 2012 redesign.

OptimWise 2013 screenshot

Visit the live site at

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