What Topics Should My Business Blog About?

You know your business can benefit from blogging, but what should you write about? Starting a blog is the easy part. Creating fresh and relevant content for its readers is the challenge.

Struggling to understand why your business needs a blog? Here are a few reasons a business website needs a blog.

The Blog Content Mindset

Before we get into topic ideas, let's look at the mindset you need to have. Start with your business goals. Do you want to increase leads? Recruit new employees?

Now, think of your ideal customer. Think of demographics (age, gender, location, etc.) and psychographics (motivations, interests, personality type, etc.). Why do you like working with them? Are they the most profitable, least stressful, most fun, etc.? By clearly picturing who you're writing for, you'll be more likely to connect with them.

Also, remember that each blog reader is asking, "What's in it for me?" You need to answer that question in each post. Speak directly to your reader. Replace "we" and "us" with "you." Talk about their problems and pains. Use the same voice you'd use when sitting across the table from them. Remember, Your Website is For Your Customers, Not You.

What Your Business Should Blog About

As we mentioned earlier, the hardest part of blogging is creating engaging and fresh content. Here are a few topic ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

Problem Solving

What are your customers' pain points and problems? What are they suffering from or challenged by? Use your blog as a platform to help solve them.


Teach your customers something new about your product or service or something that will be of value to them. This will help to establish your brand as an industry expert.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you asked the same questions over and over again? Blog about them! Clearly, your customers are interested.

Go “Behind the Scenes”

Share photos and stories of your business in action. This will help to prove to customers that you are real. Also, showcase things others might not know about your business such as involvement in charity work or quirky traditions. By providing a look inside your world, you allow customers to know your business better.

Case Studies

Case studies are another way to talk about projects you’ve recently worked on or ways you’ve helped your customers. These can powerfully connect with potential customers who may be experiencing the same problems you helped solve. These real world examples are great testimonials for your business.


Launching a product? Hire a fantastic new team member? Any sort of announcement your business has to share can be shared on your blog. Just remember to make sure your customers would actually care about the announcement, and make it in such a way that they understand how they'll benefit.

Looking for more ideas?

Don't forget to use your blog as a way to remind readers to join your email newsletter. Using a lead magnet (AKA opt-in bribe), such as a free ebook or coupon, is an effective way to gain new subscribers. Plus, if potential customers are reading your blog, they are likely interested in other content from your business. Email marketing is one of the most effective forms of marketing, so don't miss this opportunity to grow your email list!

Start Your Business Blog Today

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