CSS Web Site Design Hands on Training (Hands-On Training)CSS Web Site Design Hands on Training by Eric A. Meyer

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An elementary, step-by-step illustrated guide by CSS master Eric Meyer. The book’s a good introduction to CSS, but it only covers the basics; it uses a simple, 2-column site for demonstrations, and doesn’t provide any advanced CSS techniques. Each lesson includes CSS snippets, then shows screenshots of the results in a browser, then explains the mechanics of the CSS being demonstrated. Meyer plays with the CSS quite a bit to show the effects of various changes.

Meyer stresses the importance of separating style from content. He also advises using scaling factors, such as multipliers, rather than length- or em-based measurements whenever possible.

The book was published in 2007 so it covers CSS2, and barely mentions CSS3. If you have access to Lynda.com, watch the video version of this book: CSS Web Site Design.

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