Why use WordPress for a business website?

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Is WordPress the right choice for your business website? In most cases, yes! (Without knowing your business, I can’t say for sure). Let’s look at the reasons why. WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system. WordPress sites currently make up over 23% of the web, and over 60% of CMS sites! Its popularity brings many of its […]

Is WordPress Secure?

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One of the most common questions about WordPress is, “is it secure?” Many get the impression that it’s not, mostly from reading scare-tactic headlines. Let’s look at the facts, and answer the question, “is WordPress secure?” Perception WordPress attracts more hacking attempts than other platforms because of its popularity. It powers about 23% of all websites, and […]

Google wants your website to be mobile-friendly

PageSpeed Insights Mobile tab

Google wants your website to be mobile-friendly. How do I know? They’ve been making a big deal about it, especially over the last year. Evidence: PageSpeed Insights has a Mobile tab which reports on Speed and User Experience Google Webmaster Tools has a Mobile Usability Report Google labels search results as “mobile-friendly” when you search from a mobile […]

Review: A Practical Guide to Managing Web Projects

A Practical Guide to Managing Web Projects cover

A Practical Guide to Managing Web Projects by Breandán Knowlton My rating: 4 of 5 stars An informative and practical guide to successfully managing website and web app projects. It’s clearly based on firsthand experience with many projects. It’s a bit dry; it’s not as engaging or entertaining as it could’ve been. I found it […]

Managing WordPress projects (WP Round Table interview)

Chad Warner WordPress business workflow on WP Round Table

I was interviewed about managing WordPress projects for the WP Round Table podcast on March 16, 2015. We talked about scoping projects, qualifying prospects, managing a remote team, and more. I had met host Kyle Maurer at WordCamp Grand Rapids 2014, and I was honored to be a guest on the podcast. Below are video and audio. I had […]

What Your Small Business Website Needs to Succeed: SCORE Symposium, Mar 2015

What Your Small Business Website Needs to Succeed OptimWise

You know your small business needs a website, but simply having a website isn’t enough. Do you know what it needs to succeed? Let’s look at the content and design your website needs to meet your business goals. I gave this presentation, What Your Small Business Website Needs to Succeed, at the Small Business Symposium hosted by […]

Website myths and realities (from UX Myths)

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People have many misunderstandings and false assumptions about websites. I’ve encountered several while talking to businesses about their websites. I’ve found UX Myths to be a helpful resource, since it responds to myths with research. The site’s tagline is “Build your website based on evidence, not false beliefs.” Here’s a summary of my favorite myths and realities. People read on […]

Upcoming Small Business Symposium, March 2, 2015

Small Business Symposium SCORE Holland

Update: here are the slides and notes for my talk, What Your Small Business Website Needs to Succeed. Ready to start or grow your small business? Join us at the Small Business Symposium in Holland, MI on March 2, 2015. You’ll hear from experts in business planning, digital marketing, finance, HR, and legal. What Your Small Business […]

Review: Content Strategy for the Web

Content Strategy for the Web cover

Content Strategy for the Web by Kristina Halvorson My rating: 4 of 5 stars This content strategy primer has both theory and application. It explains the problem, how to perform discovery, how to form strategy, and how to implement the strategy. It’s well-organized and well-written, with just enough humor for this type of book. The […]