Talk About Your Prospects' Problems On Your Website

People come to your website because they have some pain or problem in their lives.

Maybe a small business is having email reliability problems, and wants an IT services company to help. Maybe a company is outgrowing its office and wants an engineering firm to help design a new office. Maybe a real estate agency needs more agents to meet demand, and is looking for a recruiting firm to help. If you are an IT services company, engineering firm, or a recruiting firm, you want to increase the chances that these prospects will contact you.

When someone lands on your website, they're asking themselves the following questions:

  • Does this company understand my problem?
  • Can this company solve my problem?
  • Has this company solved this problem for others?

You want to ensure that your site answers these questions. There are several ways to accomplish this. Let's look at a few of them.

Talk About Problems on Your Pages

Talk about the problems and your solutions on your website's pages. That includes your service or product pages, but also your homepage, About page, even your Contact page. Show that you understand the problem and know how to solve it.

Include Problems in Case Studies and Testimonials

Include case studies and/or testimonials on your site. Prove that you've solved the problem for others by including case studies that describe the problem your customer had, the solution you provided, and the benefits your customer gained.

Another option is to include testimonials in which customers briefly but specifically explain how you solved their problem.

Even better, use both case studies and testimonials!

Blog About Problems

Blog about your customers' problems. You could talk about problems your customers have experienced, or those that occur in your industry. Explain the short-term and long-term damage that can occur if those problems aren't addressed, or are addressed improperly.

Explain the alternative solutions to these problems, and their pros and cons. 

Motivate prospects by telling success stories of those who solved their problems and are no longer worried about them.

Remember, blog posts can be text, but they can also be video or audio, or a mix. Different formats engage people differently.

Be Specific

As you talk about problems and your solutions, be specific and concrete, not general and vague. You want the prospect to think thoughts like these:

  • "They read my mind!"
  • "They really understand what I'm going through!"
  • "They clearly know how to fix this!"

Beyond Your Website

You should also talk about customer problems in your other marketing efforts, such as social media posts, emails, ads, and printed materials.

Have Problems of Your Own?

If one of your problems is not knowing how to talk about your prospects' problems on your website, contact us to help!

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