WordPress Website Maintenance Plans

Your website is a critical part of your marketing machine—it's your digital storefront. You can’t afford for it to get hacked or go down. You want the peace of mind that your website is being taken care of. You can get that with a WordPress Maintenance Plan.

Benefits of Maintenance

With ongoing maintenance from WordPress experts, you can have the following benefits:

  • More secure site
  • Peace of mind that data is backed up
  • Faster site
  • More available, reliable site (better uptime)
  • Better SEO, which increases traffic, leads, and sales

What is WordPress Maintenance?

In general, WordPress maintenance is keeping your WordPress website secure and running smoothly.

  • Updates: keeping WordPress core, plugins, and themes updated
  • Backups: taking frequent backups and storing them off-site (away from your website)
  • Security monitoring: increasing the site's security and watching for malicious activity

Let's explore these in more detail.

What If You Don’t Maintain?

Without ongoing maintenance, you could experience the following issues with your WordPress website:

  • Site gets hacked
  • You lose data
  • Site runs slowly
  • Site breaks or goes down (offline)
  • Search engines rank your site lower (worse SEO, reducing traffic, leads, and sales)

WordPress Updates

Do you install updates on your phone and computer? Your WordPress website needs software updates too. Updates help to maintain security, maintain compatibility, fix bugs, and add features.

Outdated software is one of the main ways WordPress sites get hacked, so it's critical to keep your site's software updated.

We’re often asked, "Can’t you just install updates once a year, or once a quarter?" No; to keep a WordPress site secure and running smoothly, updates should be installed at least weekly. We update WordPress itself (WordPress core), plugins, and themes.

It’s easy to click the Update button inside WordPress. What’s not easy is monitoring for bugs within updates, or fixing your site when it breaks. We have a proven process for monitoring updates, installing updates, and fixing problems with updates. Save yourself the headaches and let us handle your updates.

WordPress Backups

Do you back up your phone and computer? Your WordPress site needs to be backed up, too. Backups are a safety net to recover from user error, hackers, hosting problems, and other issues.

We back up your site daily. We use secure, off-site storage, which ensures that if you have problems with your web host, they won’t damage your backups.

Get the peace of mind of knowing that your site is backed up, and can be restored if you ever need it.

WordPress Security Monitoring

Do you know when a hacker is trying to brute force their way into your website? Would you know if your site got infected by malware? Do you know when your plugins are out of date? We provide security monitoring, so you can focus on running your business, not running your website.

We’ve seen businesses decline security services because they undervalue website security. It’s sad, but no surprise, when they return a few months later, after their sites get hacked. The amount of money they have to pay to fix their websites and increase their security can be more than the amount of a year of our WordPress Maintenance Service.

WordPress, the software on which we build websites, is incredibly powerful. It runs around 43% of websites, and about 63% of websites that use a content management system (CMS)! That makes it a giant target for hackers, in the same way Windows has been targeted due to its popularity.

For these reasons, you want a team with expertise in WordPress to handle your website security. We put a lot of work into proactive security. We increase your site’s security to reduce the risk of hacking, then monitor for security threats.

WordPress Maintenance FAQs

Have questions about our WordPress Maintenance Plans? You’ll likely find your answer below. If you don’t, please contact us.

Why is this an ongoing service? Can’t I just pay for work when I need it?

Maintenance plans are an ongoing service because WordPress requires ongoing maintenance. A typical WordPress site requires several software updates each month. Security issues can arise at any time. If you don’t update WordPress core, plugins, and themes frequently, your site has an increased chance of being hacked. Maintenance needs to be done on an ongoing basis.

Do you guarantee that my site won’t get hacked or go down?

Website security is influenced by many factors outside of our control, such as your web host or your network connections. Therefore, we can't guarantee that your website won’t get hacked and will never go down (no one can!). We will secure your website to reduce the risk of hacking, and monitor it for security issues. If your site is hacked, we can restore a backup and help with remediation.

I can update and back up WordPress myself. Why would I need your service?

It’s easy to click the Update button inside WordPress. What’s not easy is monitoring for bugs within updates, or fixing your site when it breaks. We're experienced in WordPress maintenance. We have a proven process for updating and addressing issues, as well as making and restoring backups. Also, the WordPress Maintenance Service includes not only updates and backups, but also security monitoring.

I have managed WordPress hosting. Won’t my host do all the things in your service?

No. Managed WordPress hosts do more than typical shared hosts, but they don’t do everything to maintain your site. 

Some hosts update WordPress core, but they don’t update plugins and themes.

Some hosts only keep 1-5 daily backups, or only back up once a week. We back up daily, and keep backups for 90 days.

Hosts may store backups on the same server as your site. If that server has any issues, then your backup could suffer from the same problems that your website does. Even when hosts store backups on separate servers, your data is at risk if the hosting company itself has technical or legal problems. We store backups completely separate from your web host, putting the eggs in different baskets.

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