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How to Choose WordPress Plugins

Use these criteria to choose a WordPress plugin from the Plugin Directory.

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What is Web3? Web 1.0, 2.0, & 3.0 Defined

Learn about Web3, and the history of Web 1.0 and 2.0.

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With WordPress Security, Be Proactive, Not Reactive

WordPress security requires being proactive rather than reactive. Learn about the dangers and how to avoid them.

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Wayback Machine: Time Capsule for Websites

See how to use the Wayback Machine to see what a website looked like in the past.

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How a Password Manager Can Help with Website Passwords

See how a password manager can help create, save, and enter website passwords.

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Lessons Learned from the 2021 Mid-Year WordPress Security Report

Defend your WordPress site against attack, with lessons learned from the 2021 Mid-Year WordPress Security Report.

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Talk About Your Prospects' Problems On Your Website

Learn how to talk about your prospects' problems on your website, to prove that you have solutions and win their business.

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Your Website Must Prove You're a Specialist

How to prove you're a specialist on your website, to stand out from competitors and appeal to your niche.

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Making & Keeping WordPress Secure

Learn how to prevent security issues with WordPress, and how to respond to and recover from security issues that you may encounter.

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How to Get More Leads Through Your Website

How to get more leads through your website, by increasing traffic and conversions.

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When Do You Need to Redesign Your Website?

When do you need to redesign your website? Use these criteria to answer the question, "How often do I need to redesign my website?"

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Should You Register Multiple Domain Names for Your Website?

Should you have multiple domain names for one website? Learn the right and wrong reasons to register multiple domain names for your website.

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