WordPress Security Services

Has your WordPress website been hacked? Or do you want to decrease the chances that it will be? We provide the following WordPress security services to protect the business asset that is your website.

Malware Removal & Site Cleaning

If your WordPress site has been hacked, we'll restore a backup or remove the malware, and clean the site. We'll try to figure out how your site was compromised. We'll also increase the security of your site, to decrease the risk of future attacks. If search engines and browsers are reporting your website as infected, we can help you fix those warnings.

Security Audit

Are you concerned about the security of your WordPress site? Whether it's new or old, we can evaluate it to see how well it meets WordPress security best practices. We'll look at your hosting, plugins, themes, software versions, security certificate, users, and more. We'll provide recommendations for increasing security, which you can ask us to handle, if you prefer. Please note that we do not evaluate code (this isn't a code audit).

Security Hardening

Want to increase the defenses of your WordPress site? With your approval, we can make changes to your hosting, plugins, themes, security certificate, users, and more, to increase your security.

Security Monitoring

Do you know when a hacker is trying to brute force their way into your website? Would you know if your site got infected by malware? Do you know when your plugins are out of date? Our WordPress Maintenance Service includes security monitoring, so you can focus on running your business, not running your website.

Why WordPress Security Matters

Imagine that your website got hacked and was down for a week. How much business would you lose? Think about the lost leads and sales, but also the damage to your business' reputation. What would your clients and prospects think?

We’ve seen businesses decline security services because they undervalue website security. It’s sad, but no surprise, when they return a few months later, after their sites get hacked. The amount of money they have to pay to fix their websites and increase their security can be more than the amount for a year of our WordPress Maintenance Service.

WordPress, the software on which we build websites, is incredibly powerful. It runs around 43% of websites, and about 63% of websites that use a content management system (CMS)! That makes it a giant target for hackers, in the same way Windows has been targeted due to its popularity.

WordPress itself (WordPress core) has a good security record over the past several years. The WordPress Security Team works hard to ensure that each version of WordPress is secure, and when vulnerabilities are found, they’re patched quickly.

One of the strengths of WordPress is that anyone can create plugins (which provide functionality) and themes (which provide styling), but unfortunately, not all developers are security-conscious or maintain their code over time. Most of the vulnerabilities in WordPress sites are not due to WordPress core, but to third-party plugins and themes.

Another of the strengths of WordPress is that it's easy to install and work with. That means average people with no knowledge of web development, server administration, or information security can run their own websites. Unfortunately, such websites are often vulnerable, because average people overlook important security measures.

For these reasons, you want a team with expertise in WordPress to handle your website security.

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  • [OptimWise founder] Chad helped update our company website and performed some necessary maintenance. He is reliable and hardworking and pays attention to every single detail.

    Lindsey Holstege

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  • We had OptimWise maintain our website. The expertise and service were both outstanding. I highly recommend OptimWise.

    Jody Howard

    Estate Strategies, Inc.

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