Security, Speed, & Google Rank: The Next Phase of WordPress Maintenance

WordPress maintenance isn’t just about updates and backups. It’s about improving your site’s overall performance. To implement improvements, our team focuses on tightening up security, increasing loading speed, and improving your Google ranking. Read on to learn how we do it.

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Why Hackers Love WordPress, and How We Can Stop Them

Malicious bots and cyber thieves heavily target WordPress sites. Why? WordPress is popular. It powers over 28% of the Web, making it a giant target.

The web security company Sucuri says,

"In most instances, the compromises analyzed had little, if anything, to do with the core of the CMS application itself, but more with improper deployment, configuration, and overall maintenance by the webmasters.

How secure your site is depends on proper setup and regular maintenance, more so than whether it uses WordPress. We’ve had businesses come to us after their sites are hacked. They usually pay more to have them fixed then they would have paid for almost two years of maintenance! That maintenance would have likely prevented the hacking, not to mention the other benefits of maintenance.

Does Your Web Host Provide You With Enough Security?

You might be thinking, "Doesn’t my host keep my site secure?" The answer is yes, to some degree.

Web hosts will handle some amount of security, but it varies greatly. Some WordPress managed hosts, like Flywheel and WP Engine, have strong security measures in place. By contrast, budget shared hosts typically offer scant security.

Some hosts might scan for malware, but they won’t remove it if they find it. They'll tell you about it. Then, it's your responsibility to clean up your site. After that, you'll be on your own to secure your site so that malware doesn't bombard you again.

Why Neglected Websites Load Slower Than a Tortoise Walks

Visitors, especially mobile visitors, don’t like waiting for sites to load. You may lose prospects who don't want to wait. A slow site can also affect your ranking on Google.

How well a WordPress site performs, and how fast it runs, depends largely on how well it's maintained.

A site running on low-powered hosting, cluttered with unnecessary plugins, and running outdated software will be slower than a site running on quality hosting, which is lean, well-maintained, and updated.

Bottom of the Google Search? SEO Is Your Ticket to the Top

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of shaping a website to improve how it ranks on Google searches. Your site’s maintenance strongly affects how it ranks. Google cares about the same things users do. Google wants your site to be secure, because users do. Google wants your site to be fast, because users do.

Google looks at whether your site uses SSL, whether your site has malware, and how fast your site runs. WordPress maintenance addresses all of these areas.

Don’t Lose Money from a Cyber Breach. Get WordPress Maintenance Today!

Imagine your site gets hacked. It’s down for a week. How much business would you lose?

An inoperable site will cost your business money. A website clean-up will cost your business money. Instead of putting your site and your business at risk, invest in WordPress maintenance from OptimWise. We offer three WordPress maintenance plans, one of which will fit your budget.

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