ESS Universal

ESS Universal is a manufacturer of bunk beds and accessories.

The Problems

ESS Universal’s website didn’t represent their professionalism, and it didn’t do everything they needed it to.

The site was getting a decent amount of traffic, but not enough visitors were converting into leads.

Their sales team was spending more time than they wanted attending trade shows and conferences, and cold calling. They wanted their website to handle more of their marketing and sales.

The Solutions

We designed a website that fits their brand identity and is visually attractive and usable, to match the professionalism.

We developed an ecommerce store that allows prospects to request quotes for bulk orders, and buy products for small orders.

We performed search engine optimization (SEO) when building the site, to lay a foundation for attracting visitors from search engines. Since the site launched, we’ve been bringing prospects to the site through SEO and Google Ads.

We built their website to support their marketing efforts. We created calls to action, landing pages, and lead magnets that guide prospects to start a sales conversation.

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At first glance Optimwise offered something out of my financial reach which I could not afford; then I thought ‘Could I afford not to?‘ … Was this massive investment worth it? 2 days into launch the uplift of enquiries have given surpassed my needs … let’s give a round of applause to Optimwise for launching us like the space shuttle!

Will Lewis

ESS Universal

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