Ottagan Plumbing

Ottagan Plumbing is a plumbing company based in Holland, Michigan and serving that state.

The Problems

Ottagan Plumbing was marketing through several online and offline channels, with mixed results. They wanted to strategically center their marketing around their website, and have it function as a marketing machine.

They were getting leads from Google Ads, but the site wasn't ranking as well as they wanted, and they wanted to get more leads through the organic search results.

Their website didn't include as much information about their plumbing services as they wanted. They thought prospects would appreciate having more information available.

Customers were interested in buying their branded merchandise, but Ottagan Plumbing's website didn't include ecommerce functionality.

The Solutions

We designed and developed a website that can serve as a hub for online and offline marketing.

The site provides more information about their plumbing services. This is helpful to prospects, and it also provides additional content for search engines.

The site showcases their many positive Google reviews, giving visitors peace of mind about Ottagan Plumbing's expertise and experience.

We developed an ecommerce store to sell their merchandise.

We performed search engine optimization (SEO) when building the site, to lay a foundation for attracting visitors from search engines. Since the site launched, we’ve been bringing prospects to the site through SEO and Google Ads.

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