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Why You Need to be Involved in Your Website Redesign

Why a website redesign is a collaborative effort, and how to take advantage of the strengths of both your team and your web agency.

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A Client's Guide to Working Effectively with Web Designers

Without clear communication, expectation management, and professionalism, your business relationships suffer. These benchmarks hold especially true for the working relationship you have with your web design and online marketing team. You've hired us to give you a better website and improved web presence; and in doing so, you've taken a big leap of faith in believing we'll deliver. This investment […]

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Best Podcasts for Web Agency Owners, Spring 2017

We share the best podcasts for web agency owners. These podcasts focus on actionable information you can use to improve your business today.

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How Long Does it Take to Create a Website?

One of the questions we are frequently asked is, "How long does it take to create a website?" In reality, we should ask you, since you determine the project and pace more than we do! What do we mean? Let's say you wanted to build a custom house. If you went to a builder and […]

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Best Podcasts for Web Agency Owners, Summer 2016

These are the best podcasts for web agency owners that I've found. Over the last couple years, my focus has shifted from the production side of web design and development to the business side. As the agency owner, I'm spending more time on the business than in the business. As a result, my podcast subscriptions have changed. Here […]

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Designer vs. Artist: Which Does Your Website Need?

Your website is not a piece of art for people to simply admire. Instead, it's a marketing tool which needs to be highly functional. Of course your website should be attractive, but more importantly, it must function smoothly and be easy to navigate. What is the Difference Between a Designer and an Artist? An artist […]

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5 Ways to Make Your Website More Professional

In today’s digital world, your website is the face of your business. Would you go to a job interview without looking presentable? Or, if you owned a retail store, would you allow it to be disorganized and disheveled? We didn’t think so. Imagine your website as a physical location potential customers visit when deciding to […]

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Why Conversions Are More Important than Traffic

When analyzing your website's goals, it is tempting to use traffic as an indicator of success. If your site has thousands or even hundreds of thousands of visitors each month, it must be successful, right? Wrong. Traffic includes all the visits to your site, many of which will never turn into business. So which metric […]

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Don’t Let Your Web Designer Own Your Domain and Accounts

Learn the dangers of letting your web designer own your domain and web hosting, and what to do instead.

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Your eyes are bigger than your website budget

Are your eyes are bigger than your website budget? By that I mean, is your dream or vision for your website beyond what you can currently afford? I've talked to many businesses about their website desires, and have seen that their eyes are often bigger than their website budgets. What's a business to do? Here are a few options, […]

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How to Choose a Web Design Company for Your Small Business

"How should a small business choose a web design company?" This was one of the many questions asked at the Small Business Tech Panel at the Warehaüs, a coworking space in Holland, Michigan in March 2014 (yes, I'm posting this over a year later). Here's an expanded version of the answer I gave. These are the attributes to consider […]

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Review: A Practical Guide to Managing Web Projects

A Practical Guide to Managing Web Projects by Breandán Knowlton My rating: 4 of 5 stars An informative and practical guide to successfully managing website and web app projects. It’s clearly based on firsthand experience with many projects. It’s a bit dry; it’s not as engaging or entertaining as it could’ve been. I found it […]

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