Why Conversions Are More Important than Traffic

When analyzing your website's goals, it is tempting to use traffic as an indicator of success. If your site has thousands or even hundreds of thousands of visitors each month, it must be successful, right? Wrong.

Traffic includes all the visits to your site, many of which will never turn into business. So which metric should we focus on instead of traffic? The answer is simple: conversions.

Conversions are those who enter your sales funnel (by subscribing to your email newsletter, filling out a contact form, calling you, etc.) and they’re much more likely to turn into business. When a visitor takes the initiative to go beyond just reading your website, it's more likely that they're truly interested in what you have to offer, and more likely that they'll buy at some point.

How do you attract traffic that will not just show up to your website but actually convert?

Attract the Right Traffic to your Website

If all traffic is not necessarily valuable traffic, how do we get the right potential clients to visit our site?

Hang Out Where Your Potential Clients are Online

Let’s say your target client is a small to mid-sized professional services company. Where do they spend their time? We’d guess LinkedIn over Instagram. Make sure your business has a strong presence on LinkedIn and shares content which links back to your website periodically. You could also join groups where your target clientele are members and interact with them there when appropriate.

Optimize Your Website with Proper SEO

By now, most businesses know that SEO (search engine optimization) can help them to grow. SEO can also help websites to generate the right kind of traffic which will lead to more conversions.

Create Content which Appeals to your Target Client

Having the right content on your site is crucial to attracting your potential clients. Blogging is a great way to address your clients' pain points. It's also a good idea to  refresh the content on your site often to keep you relevant. Where else is it socially acceptable for you to brag about your expertise?

Set Your Website Up for Conversion Success

Make it Easy for Your Clients to Contact You

Your contact info isn't a mystery for prospective clients to uncover. They shouldn't struggle to figure out how to get a hold of you. Make sure your contact information is prevalent on every page of your website (header and/or footer, contact page, etc.).

Incorporate CTAs Throughout Your Site

You don't want your prospect to just read your page, say, "That's interesting," and then move on to funny YouTube videos. You want them to take some action! Maybe that's downloading a white paper or ebook, subscribing to your email newsletter, filling out your contact form, or calling you.  Your website should have a CTA (call to action) on each of its pages. These CTAs should be visible, attractive and eye catching.

The CTA should match the context of the page. For example, on a page explaining the benefits of one of your services, offer a set of success stories showing how other clients benefited from that service, or an ebook with more detail on that service, or a free consultation about that service.

Don’t Just Ask; Give

It's not effective to ask prospects to just give to your business immediately. Remember, especially when selling professional services, most of your site visitors aren't ready to have a sales call today. So don't always go straight to asking them to contact you. Start with softer CTA, such as providing more valuable info or useful tools to build the relationship. Share the harder CTAs for when they're deeper into the sales funnel (closer to buying).

Improve Your Website’s Conversion Rate Today

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