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How to Securely Send Passwords to Your Web Designer

Sending passwords by email or text message is dangerous. Instead, use these secure methods to send passwords.

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Secure, memorable passwords

I use two methods for creating passwords: Use software to create and store passwords. My favorite is LastPass. Use a scheme to create and remember passwords myself (without software). The rest of this article tells how. Password security factors In most cases, a password's length and uniqueness are more important than its entropy (randomness). Why? […]

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Wave Accounting: free online accounting for small business

I've used Wave Accounting for over a year, and I highly recommend it for freelancers and small businesses. It's like Mint, except for business accounting rather than personal finance. You connect your bank accounts, and Wave automatically imports income and expenses. You can also manually enter transactions. Like Mint, Wave Accounting is free to use […]

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I've been using to have clients electronically sign documents. I frequently need signatures for agreements and acceptance forms, and gives me a free, simple, legal way to get them. These are the general steps: Upload your document to SignNow. Enter the other party's email address to invite them to sign. The other party […]

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Where to download free audiobooks

These are the best sources of free audiobooks I've found. Most of their books are in the public domain, and many are classics. For more recent books, check with your local library; many let you download audiobooks, even from home. My local library, Herrick District Library, provides audiobooks from several sources. Where do you get […]

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How to use Help in Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office includes a comprehensive help system. In each Office application, such as Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, there’s an easy way to search for help. The simplest way is to press the F1 key, which also works in most other Windows programs. You can also click the blue question mark near the top of […]

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Find files with Windows 7 Search

The search feature in Windows 7 is much better than previous versions of Windows. There are 2 main ways to search for files and folders: Use the search box on the Start menu to search within your own computer. Use the search box in a folder to search within any folder, whether on your computer […]

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Google products for small business

Interested in learning about Google's products for small businesses? Jason Kehrer and I discussed a few of them at the Chamber Tech Lunch on April 21, 2011. About 70 attendees shared their experiences and asked and answered questions, mostly about Google's tools for online marketing. Tips for all Google products Enable SSL security: select always […]

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How to charge Lithium-ion batteries

How many batteries are within your reach right now? Your phone, iPod, laptop, camera, and Kindle all likely run on lithium ion (Li-ion) batteries. Here’s how to keep those batteries healthy. Batteries like cool temperatures and exercise. Try to keep batteries below 86°F (30°C). Exercise batteries with frequent charging and discharging (by using the device). […]

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Proper posture at a computer desk

Computer positioning Monitor: at arm’s length, with top at eye level Keyboard: at elbow height; don’t use a wrist rest Mouse: close to keyboard; move with forearm, not wrist; don’t use a wrist rest Body positioning Head: line up ears with shoulders Shoulders: relaxed, with upper arms hanging normally at your sides Elbows: close to […]

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Details view in Windows Explorer

Windows usually shows files in Tiles or Icon view. However, the easiest way to sort files by name or by date is to use the Details view. In this view, the files appear in rows, and there are columns that show each file’s properties, such as Name, Date modified, Type, and Size. Windows remembers the […]

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How to use printing preferences in Windows

Before you print, check your printing preferences! Set printing preferences Printing preferences are settings like duplexing, orientation, color, and print quality. Here’s how to review and change them. In the program you’re printing from, such as Word, click File > Print. Near the name of the printer should be a button or link named something […]

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