Check the safety of websites before visiting them

Think for a second of how many links to websites you see each day. They come through email, Facebook, and Google search results. Especially if you don't recognize the name of the website, how do you know it's safe to visit?

Google provides a first line of defense for search results by warning you of potentially dangerous sites. If you see "This site may harm your computer" listed below a link, don't click it!

A quick litmus test for the safety of a website is to check with a website safety authority. Below are 3; you can use one or several.

These and other website safety services also offer toolbars you can install in your browser, but I prefer to use the websites because you don't have to install additional software, so you can use them from any computer, phone, or other device.

Example results

These are the results each site gives for Facebook:

Web of Trust:

Norton Safe Web:

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