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"Web Style Guide: Foundations of User Experience Design" (Book Summary)

Read this summary of "Web Style Guide: Foundations of User Experience Design" for tips to improve your website, including design and content.

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6 Quick Wins to Speed Up WordPress Performance

We share 6 quick ways to speed up WordPress, and tell why you should care about your website's speed.

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WordPress Maintenance: Keep Your Site Secure & Running Smoothly [Video & Slides]

What can happen if you don't maintain WordPress? What are useful plugins, tools, processes, services? What's a good maintenance schedule? Get answers now.

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Top 15 Mistakes IT Websites Make and How You Can Avoid Them

Discover the mistakes you’re making on your IT company’s website and how to correct them.

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How to Declutter Your WordPress Website

I love decluttering! I get a dopamine hit when I delete, clean, and remove anything unnecessary. I'm a big fan of decluttering WordPress websites, too. Let's look at why and how to declutter various areas of WordPress. Why Declutter? Why bother decluttering your WordPress site? Increase site security: the fewer plugins, themes, and users you have […]

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Why Your Website Needs Personality and How to Show It

When a business or person begins creating or updating their website, they often focus on its content, design and features. What should the logo look like? Color scheme? How will the site interact with social media? Will it have a blog? What about SEO? All of these things are important but there is one critical […]

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Control How WordPress Posts Look on Social Media, with Open Graph

Learn how to control how your WordPress posts look on social media, with Open Graph settings in Yoast SEO plugin.

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What Your Small Business Website Needs to Succeed: SCORE Symposium, Mar 2015

You know your small business needs a website, but simply having a website isn't enough. Do you know what it needs to succeed? Let's look at the content and design your website needs to meet your business goals. I gave this presentation, What Your Small Business Website Needs to Succeed, at the Small Business Symposium hosted by […]

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Website Myths and Realities (from UX Myths)

People have many misunderstandings and false assumptions about websites. I've encountered several while talking to businesses about their websites. I've found UX Myths to be a helpful resource, since it responds to myths with research. The site's tagline is "Build your website based on evidence, not false beliefs." Here's a summary of my favorite myths and realities. People read on […]

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Business Website Mistakes: Chamber Tech Lunch

Are you making mistakes with your small business website? Business websites exist to sell, directly or indirectly. Small businesses often lose sight of that, and make mistakes with the content, design, marketing, and technical aspects of their sites. Learn how to fix these mistakes so your site delivers business results. I gave this presentation, Website […]

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How to Optimize Images in WordPress for SEO & Accessibility

I'm going to show you how to optimize your images in WordPress for SEO and accessibility. Optimizing images for SEO (search engine optimization) contributes towards the SEO of your page and site. Optimizing images for accessibility makes it easier for the visually impaired to understand the images you're using even though they can't see them. […]

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Website Mistakes Small Businesses Make, and How to Fix Them: WordCamp Grand Rapids 2014

I gave this presentation, Website Mistakes Small Businesses Make, and How to Fix Them, at WordCamp Grand Rapids 2014. I’ve seen many small businesses make website mistakes that hurt their results. My presentation was about how to fix these mistakes so your site delivers business results. Below are the video, slides, and detailed notes. Not optimizing to sell How […]

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