What Your Website Really Says About Your Business

Let’s face it … first impressions matter. Since 96% of visitors who visit your website are not ready to buy, it is important to do everything in your power to make your website’s first impression strong and lasting.

It is unfortunate but true that people make assumptions about you based on the way you dress, the car you drive and where you live. In the same way, they make assumptions about your business based on your website. What does your website really say about your business?

Why You Should Treat Your Website Like a Storefront

Imagine your website as a physical office or storefront. You would expect potential customers to make assumptions about your business based on the part of town it's in, the art on the walls, the size of the offices, the quality of furniture, the landscaping, etc.

If the front window of your shop was broken or you had graffiti plastered on the walls, would you expect people to feel welcome and to trust you with their business? It is inevitable that potential customers would assume your business didn't care enough about its image to maintain its building, or that it could not afford to fix it. You wouldn't want them thinking either thought!

Having broken pages and/or links on your website conveys the same message to your potential clients. If you aren’t willing to maintain your own marketing efforts, how are you qualified to sell whatever product or service you are featuring? Ask yourself again, "What does my website really say about my business?"

What Message Does Your Website’s Design Convey?

Similarly, your website’s color scheme, photography, copy (text), and logo deliver a strong message to its visitors. Is your company established, progressive, conservative, liberal, technological, environmentally-friendly, natural, laid back, serious, etc.? Colors such as navy blue often provide a more conservative feeling whereas greens and browns could convey a more environmentally friendly vibe. What do your design elements really say about your website?

The photos displayed on your site also make a huge impression with visitors. Are people in photos wearing suits or jeans? Are they smiling or more serious? All of these images convey a powerful message and cannot be overlooked. What do your photos say about your website?

Having a professional logo is also extremely important to your branding. There is a reason companies such as Nike, Apple and Coca-Cola invest heavily in their logo design. A well-designed logo can help to build trust with potential clients by showcasing your brand’s professionalism. It can also help your business stand out from the competition and be remembered. What message is your logo conveying to your customers?

What Are You Waiting For?

Each day your website sits with broken links/pages, a mediocre logo or unattractive photos is another day you are likely turning off new customers. Why take this chance when a few simple changes or even a new website could help to grow your business? Ready to have your website make a lasting impression? Contact us today!

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