WordPress 5 Block Editor ("Gutenberg") Tutorials

WordPress 5 included a major upgrade to its editor. The new editor uses blocks to let you "build" a page out of various pieces (paragraphs, images, videos, etc.). A few clients have asked for help with this new editor, so I'd like to share a few free tutorials to help. Some are video, others are text (with images).

You can find these and other general WordPress tutorials, in my post WordPress Admin Area Tutorials & Learning Resources.

WordPress 5 Block Editor ("Gutenberg") Tutorials

How to Use WordPress 5 and the Gutenberg Editor (OSTraining)

Below is the first video in this 15-video playlist.

WordPress Gutenberg (iThemes)

Below is the first video in this 9-video playlist.

WordPress Gutenberg Tutorial For Content Writers & Editors (WPCrafter.com)

This video is from October 2018, so it may be a bit dated.

WordPress Gutenberg: The Ultimate Guide to the New WordPress Block Editor (SolidWP)

Easy WP Guide

Easy WP Guide is an online (text and images) guide to WordPress. They have several pages about the block editor.

WordPress 5 Essential Training (LinkedIn Learning)

I love learning from LinkedIn Learning. Their WordPress 5 Essential Training course includes several videos on the new block editor. Your local library may provide free access to LinkedIn Learning (which you can access from home).

Need Help with WordPress?

These tutorials will help you use the new WordPress 5 block editor ("Gutenberg"). But maybe you don’t have the time or desire to learn WordPress. If you’d like professional help from a team with years of WordPress experience, contact us!

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6 comments on “WordPress 5 Block Editor ("Gutenberg") Tutorials”

  1. Very helpful tutorials! It helped me understand how to efficiently use the Gutenberg editor. I’m actually new to WordPress but I would love to slowly but surely learn how to maximize its features for my personal website. Do you have other basic WordPress tutorials available?

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