Can You Copy Text From Another Website?

With so much information readily available online, it can be overwhelming deciding what to do with it. If you read a fantastic article, you may want to share it on your website so others can benefit from it.

There are some common best practices to follow when sharing others' content which can keep your site reputable and out of trouble. So what are the do’s and don’ts of sharing text from other websites on yours?

Disclaimer: We're not lawyers. For legal counsel, please consult a lawyer.

The Do's and Don'ts of Using Text From Another Website

Do: Write Unique Content Whenever Possible

In general, it's best for website visitors and search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) if the content of your website is unique.

Do: Reference Reputable Sources When Appropriate

Although original content is best, it never hurts to reference reputable sources.

Do: Provide Appropriate Credit to Sources Used

The best way to do this is by linking directly to the page that you're referencing. The words you use to link aren't as important as the fact that you link, but if you like to do things properly, HubSpot has a clear guide of how to correctly cite sources.

Don’t: Copy and Paste Directly from Another Site

It is not acceptable to copy and paste entire pages from another website without written permission from the original source. If you do, people and search engines will likely view it as low-quality, since it's just a "rerun" of someone else's original work.

Don’t: Be Paralyzed by Fear that Others have Already Written About the Same Topic

With all the content floating around the Internet, this is bound to happen. As long as you are writing in your own words and not copying from another website, you should be fine.

Do: Provide Readers with Fresh and Original Content

Provide something unique that readers aren't able to find anywhere else. You can certainly use info from other sites as a starting point, but add a unique spin that makes your content stand out from what your audience can already find online. If you are unable to come up with new topics you are passionate about, maybe you are in the wrong industry!

Don’t: Allow Others to Steal Text from Your Website

It's not a bad idea to regularly search the Internet for your own content to ensure it is not being plagiarized. Not sure how to do this? Neil Patel tells how to locate stolen content and what to do about it.

Not Sure Where to Start with Your Text?

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    1. Whenever you quote a source, you should cite the source. It's best to give the name and link to the original source, but at a minimum, give the name of the source.

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