How I left my job to be a freelance web designer

On January 1, 2013, I'll have completed my transition from my day job to being a full-time freelance web designer. How did I do it? To find out, listen to Episode 104: Become a Full-Time Freelance Developer of the Your Website Engineer podcast (one of my favorite podcasts). In this episode, I had the pleasure of speaking with host Dustin Hartzler about my planning, steps, and advice for aspiring freelancers.

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Advice for aspiring freelancers

  • Test the waters; moonlight to test your technical and business skills. Make sure you can find clients, whether local or global.
  • Set goals and work hard to meet them.
  • Talk to people who are freelancers, self-employed, or business owners. Take them out to coffee or lunch and ask them to share their experience (successes and failures).
  • Get involved in the local business community to accelerate your learning. You're also likely to find new clients. Depending on your city, your local chamber of commerce may be a good place to start.
  • Get free business counseling from SCORE. They provide advice and resources related to business planning, legal, finance, tax, accounting, marketing, operations, and more.
  • Create a business plan that includes how you'll market, how you'll find clients, your financial goals and projections, your business processes, etc. Also include a contingency plan that answers the question: What will I do if I can't make it as freelancer? Will you bring in business partners, go get a job, or do something else?

You may also be interested in my previous post about my first day as a freelance web designer. What are your questions or thoughts about becoming a freelance web designer?

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