IT Company Website Design: What Should Your Website Do for You?

Most IT companies understand the basics of launching a business website. You know that it has to include eye-catching design that speaks to your target demographic, and that the navigation must be intuitive.

You also know that it needs to feature information pertaining to the products and services you offer, as well as your contact information. Is this all your website includes? No, this is merely the most basic template, and considering all that you expect to gain from the hub of your online operations, you're going to have to put a little more thought into your web design.

Understanding what your website should do for you begins with knowing what you want and how to engineer a fruitful result. Here are a few things your IT company’s website should do, and how to get on track for success.

Support Business Goals

Your website is a big part of your marketing and sales strategy, and as such it must support your overall business goals. As an IT service provider, you need to generate leads, build and maintain relationships with current and prospective clients, and increase sales. These are pretty basic goals.

Your website can help you to meet these goals in a number of ways, starting by providing information about your business. From there you can advertise online to drive targeted traffic to your site, use your on-site blog to increase visibility and online presence through SEO (search engine optimization), and set up social media profiles that complement your website.

Make a Good Impression

Your website may provide the first interaction clients have with your company, and it needs to make a good impression. It should look professional so that potential clients know you understand how business works.

It also needs to show that you understand how YOUR business works by lending you credibility and authority. Testimonials and case studies can help, in addition to standard service descriptions. You must also prove technical proficiency by posting certifications and promoting your long history of success.

Your website provides an opportunity to stand out. You want to differentiate yourself from competitors, highlighting your niche, and let your personality shine so visitors see the humanity behind the virtual interface.

Speak to Your Target Audience

What do buyers of IT services want? What problems do they have that you can solve? Once you've identified your target audience, you must show them that you're an expert in your field, that you trump the competition, and that you can provide the reliable and trustworthy IT services they seek.

A strong service record, complete with testimonials and reviews will help, but your website should also feature plain English and minimal jargon. There are better ways to prove expertise than by baffling visitors with insider lingo. You should also make a point of listing partnerships with renowned hardware and software providers like Cisco, Dell, HP, IBM, Microsoft, and so on.

Make Sales

Your website serves as your virtual storefront and salesperson. It needs to convince visitors to share contact information, take advantage of your services, and become a loyal patron and even a brand ambassador, in time. All of the aforementioned steps can help, but don't forget to include specific calls to action (CTAs) so prospective clients know exactly what to do.

Working with OptimWise

If your IT company is looking to generate more qualified leads, and develop a digital marketing strategy designed for long-term growth, contact OptimWise today to learn more about our inbound marketing campaigns designed specifically for IT service providers like you. OptimWise can operate as your outsourced marketing team, or work collaboratively with your in-house marketing team to build a sustainable digital marketing plan with long-term ROI.

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2 comments on “IT Company Website Design: What Should Your Website Do for You?”

  1. Chad, I like that point about how you can use your personality to allow visitors to see the humanity behind your virtual interface. Something that I usually try to stay away from is websites that are hard to navigate through. Even though the design may look pretty, it's frustrating when it either takes forever to load or it's hard to find what you're looking for.

    1. Zequek, you're right that a website must be usable and navigable; those are more important than it being pretty. Function over form. The visual design must support the content and functionality, but the design isn't the main thing people come to the site for. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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