Do You Really Need WordPress Maintenance?

Why does your WordPress website require maintenance? Maintenance isn't visible or obvious to WordPress site owners. As a result, it can be difficult for website owners to understand its value. In the following post, we’re going to examine what WordPress maintenance includes and why it’s important. Read on to learn more.

Why is Maintenance Important Anyway?

Let’s think about a non-tech analogy. As a car owner, you likely would not drive your car for a year without changing the oil, checking other engine fluids, or filling up the tires. If your engine started making loud clunking noises, you would probably have your car checked out. If your car door locks broke, you’d spend the money to fix them.

Maintenance is part of your responsibility as a car owner. You want to keep driving your car, so you invest in keeping it running smoothly and reliably. The same concept applies to your website.

What WordPress Maintenance Does for Your Site

WordPress is software, just like what runs on your phone. If you don't back up your phone, losing your phone will mean losing photos and contact info forever. If you don't update apps, your phone gets glitchy. Without WordPress maintenance, your website runs slowly and gets malware. [See: How to Scan a WordPress Site for Malware]

Not only will these issue cause visitors to stop using your site, Google and other search engines will rank your site lower. Over time, that reduces your site traffic; and subsequently, your company's leads and sales.

What WordPress Maintenance Includes

Just as you might add snow tires to your car for better traction in the winter, WordPress maintenance may include improvements such as increasing security or speed.

Many WordPress sites are highly vulnerable to hackers because they’re running outdated software. Or, they’re running slowly because of inadequate hosting or poor configuration. Sometimes these websites are broken, and don’t have backups.

All these issues can be avoided! With proper care, your WordPress site will run almost perfectly. Your website will be backed up. You won’t worry about malware or hacking attempts. An effective WordPress maintenance plan should include the following:

  • WordPress Updates
  • Backups
  • Security Monitoring
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Malware Removal

There are other tasks that go beyond maintenance to improving your website:

  • Tech Support
  • Small Changes
  • Web Development
  • Speed Optimization
  • E-commerce Support

Curious about these tasks? We’ll take a closer look at them in our next post.

Hire WordPress Maintenance Experts Today!

You value your car mechanics and their expertise. They keep your car running, and improve your vehicle’s longevity. WordPress experts are like mechanics for your website. We’ll keep your site running, and improve its overall functionality. Discover which of our WordPress Maintenance Plans will work for your website.

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