Best WordPress podcasts, summer 2014

These are the best WordPress podcasts I've found. They have content for WordPress site owners, designers, and developers. My favorites are those that are focused on education rather than news. I listed them in order of preference.

If you like these, you should read my other posts about podcasts. I’m always looking for more, so please add your favorites in the comments!


WPwatercooler has become my favorite WordPress podcast. It's great for the hosts' range of opinions and advice. It features roundtable discussions about providing client services, WordPress development, digital marketing, and the WordPress community. Sometimes it's hard to understand what's said because people talk over each other. I love that they limit each episode to 30 minutes. iTunes

WPwatercooler art

Your Website Engineer

Your Website Engineer includes fairly detailed instructions for designing, developing, and maintaining WordPress sites. It used to be very focused on WordPress, but recently it's covered a range of digital marketing topics. I hung out with host Dustin Hartzler at WordCamp Grand Rapids 2012 and 2013, and I've had the honor of being interviewed in Episode 104: Become a Full-Time Freelance DeveloperiTunes

Your Website Engineer podcast art

Matt Report: A WordPress Business Podcast

The Matt Report is a series of interviews with people who run businesses around WordPress, usually providing client services or selling products (themes, plugins, maintenance, etc.). The guests often share valuable business insights. iTunes

Matt Report a WordPress business podcast art

WP Elevation

WP Elevation focuses on the business side of WordPress, featuring interviews with WordPress entrepreneurs and businesspeople. It's more about business than WordPress. iTunes

WP Elevation Podcast cover art

Kitchen Sink WordPress

Kitchen Sink WordPress episodes are refreshingly short (often 10-15 minutes), with tips, tricks and tools, and interviews with WordPress users. I met Adam Silver online a few years ago, through Dustin Hartzler, host of Your Website Engineer. iTunes

Kitchen Sink WordPress cover art

BlogAid Podcast

The BlogAid Podcast curates tips on WordPress, content marketing, SEO, and digital marketing. Most of the tips are mentions of posts or other content online, so you need to look them up after listening to the podcast. It's nice and short (10-12 minutes). Almost every podcast includes Google+ tips, and I wish they didn't. iTunes

BlogAid Podcast cover art

WP Unicorn Project

WP Unicorn Project includes guests who discuss WordPress design, development, content, and business. iTunes

WP Unicorn Project cover art

WP Bacon

WP Bacon includes interviews with WordPress experts about technical and business topics, as well as discussions about the WordPress community. I didn't like WP Bacon when it first came out, but I recently resubscribed because I'm more interested in the topics they're covering now. iTunes

WP Bacon cover art

Other WordPress podcasts

  • WordPress Weekly, the podcast of WP Tavern, covers news and community discussions related to WordPress. A guest might mention something about design, development, or business, but they aren't the focus. I met host Jeffro Chandler at WordCamp Grand Rapids 2013. iTunes
  • Apply Filters includes conversations about WordPress development, and sometimes about selling WordPress products (themes, plugins, services). I've listened to a few episodes, but I skip many because they're so developer-focused, and I do very little development (I hire developers). It's co-hosted by plugin developer Pippin Williamson, who I met at WordCamp Grand Rapids in 2012 and 2013. iTunes
  • The WordPress Chick Podcast usually includes a WordPress-related topic as well as business topics. The episodes are more aimless than I like, and often around an hour long. iTunes
  • WordPress Plugins A to Z regularly reviews plugins. I don't subscribe because I don't need to know about most of the plugins they cover, but it's a good resource if you want to hear about a specific plugin. iTunes

Please add your favorites in the comments!

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3 comments on “Best WordPress podcasts, summer 2014”

  1. Hey Chad. Great list! There's a couple here I haven't checked out yet but I will. I'm a huge fan of WordPress podcasts and listen to them almost daily.

    I'd also mention another lesser known podcast that's been going all summer and features your truly, for those interested in more:

    See you at WCGR!

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