Does Your IT Company Have a Digital Marketing Plan? Here’s Why You Should.

As an IT company, your primary focus is on information, processes, and systems. Analyzing data to improve the performance of your products and services is your main priority, so dealing with anything beyond can sometimes be out of scope.

But building a successful IT company involves more than just product development and system operations. Focusing only on the technical aspects of business is why so many IT companies find it hard to attract clients. Not being able to relate to the client is what leads to terrible communication, which shows with failed marketing efforts - if any marketing activities are taking place at all.

Do you plan to grow? If you're like most IT companies, you answered, "Yes!" To grow, you need to market yourself. Marketing is best done in a logical, deliberate way, rather than an emotional, haphazard way.

5 Benefits of a Successful Digital Marketing Plan

Digital marketing is scalable, measurable, and more cost effective than traditional marketing methods. Driven by data rather than emotion, digital marketing offers several benefits to information technology businesses just like yours:

  1. Generate more qualified leads. Qualified leads are interested people that you nurtured through your sales funnel to become a client. Leads are generated by your different marketing campaigns, so it is important to determine which campaigns are the most effective, and invest more into those which provide the best ROI.
  2. Convert more leads to sales. The only way you can convert leads into sales is through proper education and well-planned marketing messages. This way people know exactly what your company offers and understand the value to them as a client.
  3. Gain brand & search engine visibility. Your IT company isn't the only one competing in the marketplace. By incorporating a well-planned inbound marketing strategy into your marketing efforts, you’re positioning yourself for high visibility in search engines, and more overall brand awareness.
  4. Improve website conversion rates. With a well-executed digital marketing strategy, you’ll be able to cater to potential clients throughout the entire sales cycle, which translates to more leads from your website.
  5. Reduce client attrition. Digital (inbound) marketing not only helps you attract new prospects, but also provides a channel of communication with your existing client base. Better communication can translate to happier clients, and lower attrition rates (fewer lost clients).

Developing a Digital Marketing Plan for Your IT Business

As an IT pro, you understand the value of logic and planning. Marketing is your opportunity to communicate the value of your products and services to your target market. Without marketing, your company risks going unnoticed and you are left wondering why your client list isn’t expanding at the rate you hoped for.

You wouldn't start installing a complex network without a plan, would you? No, you'd think about the goals, requirements, and constraints, and plan accordingly. In the same way, you shouldn't start your marketing efforts without a plan. Marketing requires that you share a consistent message with your target audience. To define that message and target market, you need to plan.

Since you understand technical jargon, it's easy to use it in your marketing without even realizing it. Since your target audience doesn't understand that jargon, they'll likely be turned off by it. With a marketing plan, you can deliberately choose plain-English alternatives to the jargon, to better appeal to your target audience. No one cares about how great your technology is - they care about how your technology can help them solve a problem. Think about how your marketing message can better communicate how your products and services can simplify life for your potential clients – and use that to craft your marketing plan.

Working with OptimWise

If your IT company is looking to generate more qualified leads, and develop a digital marketing strategy designed for long-term growth, contact OptimWise today to learn more about our inbound marketing campaigns designed specifically for IT service providers like you. OptimWise can operate as your outsourced marketing team, or work collaboratively with your in-house marketing team to build a sustainable digital marketing plan with long-term ROI.

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