Search Multiple Specific Sites with Google Site: Operator

You may know that you can search specific sites with Google by using the "site:" operator (or using the site or domain field in Google Advanced Search), but did you know you can also search multiple specific sites at once?

Here's what to type in the search box (the word OR must be capitalized!):

word(s) site:site1 OR site:site2

This is especially useful when you're looking for reliable information. For example, when I'm looking for financial information, I don't want to see results from some teenager's blog. I have a few trusted sources I trust for credible financial information. Let's say I have a question about investing in REITs (real estate investment trusts), and I want to see what Money and Kiplinger have to say about them. Here's what my search query would look like:

reits OR

This search will give me results only from those 2 websites, ranked according to relevance by Google's algorithm.


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