SEO for IT Companies: Making Sure Clients Find You Online

Unless you're Kevin Costner, you can't expect to "build it and they will come." If you want the website you build for your IT company to bring in traffic, generate leads, and make sales, you have to do your part through advertising, promotion, and most importantly, SEO (search engine optimization).

According to a study released by online ad network Chitika, an incredible 92% of searchers choose from the listings featured on the first page of search results, with the number one position garnering 33% of click-through. You can confirm this from personal experience.

How many times have you clicked to the second or subsequent pages when searching? You don't have to, because the most relevant results are on the first page. Prospective clients are going to approach their search for an IT service provider in the same way, and you need to be on the first page if you want to be found.

Your SEO strategy must proceed with this goal in mind. In addition, you have to find ways to ensure click-through once you're listed on page one for relevant searches. If you want to ensure targeted traffic, here are a few ways in which your SEO can help clients to find you.

Understand Your Business Goals

There are certain ends you hope to accomplish every time a prospective client searches for IT services and visits your website. You want to generate targeted traffic, leads, sales, positive reviews, and ultimately, ongoing client relationships.

There are many steps in the process, and SEO can set the stage and even help you along every step of the way. Start at the end and work your way backward - you'll find that this is often the easiest way to see where your efforts to date are falling flat and how you can improve.

Understand Your Demographics

Who exactly are you marketing to? Local businesses, most likely, and within them, decision makers responsible for seeking IT service providers like yourself. This knowledge has a profound impact on how you go about conducting your SEO efforts.

That said, you also need to focus on the problems prospective clients face and how your company is equipped to address them. When your company comes up under search results, users shouldn't find keywords containing confusing industry jargon. Your links (and the content they lead to) should utilize common, relatable language to discuss specific user problems.

Optimize for Specializations

You're sure to find, when you begin the process of search engine optimization, that your website content is not up to snuff. Optimization will, in some ways, force you to improve your website by focusing on specialization.

Your clients have distinctive problems and you have distinctive solutions, including both products and services that work in tandem. You are separate and unique from competitors and it should be apparent through both your content and your SEO efforts.

You can also focus on unique keywords and keyword phrases, including "long-tail" SEO topics that are more likely to deliver top ranking for very specific searches. Remember, prospective clients are searching for services your IT company offers, and with a proper SEO strategy, you’ll be more visible in search results.

According to industry news website SiteProNews, 40% of tech company web traffic results from searches, and these are people seeking your services, which means you already have an in. Your SEO efforts will determine if you're found and possibly whether or not you're able to meet subsequent business goals.

Working with OptimWise

If your IT company is looking to generate more qualified leads, and develop a digital marketing strategy designed for long-term growth, contact OptimWise today to learn more about our inbound marketing campaigns designed specifically for IT service providers like you. OptimWise can operate as your outsourced marketing team, or work collaboratively with your in-house marketing team to build a sustainable digital marketing plan with long-term ROI.

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