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Adding Google Analytics to WordPress (With & Without Plugins)

We show you two quick and easy methods to add Google Analytics to your WordPress website with and without a plugin.

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What WordPress Theme Is That? Here's How to Check

Do you ever wonder "What WordPress theme is that?" Here are several ways to figure out which WordPress theme a website uses.

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For Good SEO, Give Your Visitors What They Want [Checklist]

The general idea behind SEO (search engine optimization) is simple: Google wants your website to give searchers what they want. This checklist will help you set up your website for better SEO.

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WordPress Maintenance: Keep Your Site Secure & Running Smoothly [Video & Slides]

What can happen if you don't maintain WordPress? What are useful plugins, tools, processes, services? What's a good maintenance schedule? Get answers now.

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6 Ways WordPress Maintenance Nurtures Your Business

WordPress maintenance improves your business—and the Web. Read how OptimWise makes that happen with our WordPress Maintenance Plans.

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How Often Should You Maintain Your WordPress Website?

Regular WordPress Maintenance means the difference between getting hacked or not. OptimWise explains when you should update your site.

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The Real Reasons You Need WordPress Maintenance: Updates and Backups

Without timely updates and backups, your website is at risk. We explain why these are the real reason you need WordPress Maintenance.

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How to Scan a WordPress Site for Malware

Learn how to scan your WordPress site to see if it's been hacked or has malware.

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Do You Really Need WordPress Maintenance?

Just like you maintain your car, you must maintain your WordPress site. The WordPress experts at OptimWise explain how - and why.

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How to Audit and Clean Up WordPress Plugins

Excessive WordPress plugins slow your site down, and decrease security. Learn how you can get rid of them.

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How to Reduce Contact Form Spam in WordPress (Gravity Forms)

Learn how to reduce the amount of spam coming through your website contact forms.

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How To Edit WordPress Comments to Make Them Less Spammy

You don’t have to delete every comment that seems spammy. Here's how to edit WordPress comments to make them less spammy.

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