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Why Your Website Needs a Copywriter

Copy makes or breaks a website. Your website may be the most beautifully designed, well-functioning site on the Web, but without great copy it's nothing special. Today, there are many options for businesses to design their own websites without hiring a professional. This trend has also made it normal for people to write their own […]

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Why Customer Testimonials Are Essential to Your Website

Picture this: You are shopping on Amazon for a product and encounter two virtually identical options. How do you decide?  If you are like 67 percent of consumers, online reviews would likely impact your final purchasing decision. Similarly, although word-of-mouth is still a powerful form of marketing, 88 percent of consumers trust online reviews as […]

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Your Website Just Launched. Now What?

Imagine you have a fancy new website with striking design, spot-on SEO and all the bells and whistles. Now what? Your gut is telling you to leave the site alone … it’s working perfectly, right? Wrong! Not doing anything to your site after it launches is one of the biggest mistakes a website owner can […]

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We had fun redesigning our site for 2016! We had a few goals for the redesign: Raise our image as a professional web agency Generate more quality leads Better explain our competitive advantage Increase email newsletter subscriptions Promote our SEO services We had aspects we wanted to add to the site, but we wanted to keep it as simple […]

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Why Conversions Are More Important than Traffic

When analyzing your website's goals, it is tempting to use traffic as an indicator of success. If your site has thousands or even hundreds of thousands of visitors each month, it must be successful, right? Wrong. Traffic includes all the visits to your site, many of which will never turn into business. So which metric […]

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What are Your Website's Goals?

It’s a new year and many of you may be setting personal goals. Don’t forget about your website! Goals are also critical to the success of your site. Maybe your website isn’t looking to lose weight or carve out more time for a hobby but you may be surprised how it can benefit from some […]

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Why Your Website Needs Personality and How to Show It

When a business or person begins creating or updating their website, they often focus on its content, design and features. What should the logo look like? Color scheme? How will the site interact with social media? Will it have a blog? What about SEO? All of these things are important but there is one critical […]

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Best WordPress Podcasts to Start 2016

I consume podcasts voraciously, and since I run a WordPress agency, it's natural that I listen to a lot of WordPress podcasts. Here's the latest round of my favorite WordPress podcasts, listed in order of preference. What do I look for in a WordPress podcast? Actionable information on improving WordPress sites, or on improving a web design agency. As a […]

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How to Evaluate Your WordPress Website for the New Year

The start of a new year is a great time to evaluate your WordPress website, looking for ways to improve it. A website is never finished; it can always be improved. Let's start evaluating your site! Get Access Get access to the WordPress admin area. You'll need an Administrator account. Get access to Google Analytics. […]

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Control How WordPress Posts Look on Social Media, with Open Graph

Learn how to control how your WordPress posts look on social media, with Open Graph settings in Yoast SEO plugin.

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3 Ways To Make Your WordPress Website Mobile-Friendly

You know your WordPress website needs to be mobile-friendly. What if yours isn't? Let's look at 3 ways to make your existing WordPress website mobile-friendly: Use a plugin to create a mobile theme Modify your current theme Get a new theme Note: If you're not convinced that your site needs to be mobile-friendly, consider that Americans spend more time on […]

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Applying Essentialism To Your Website

I recently read Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeown. It challenges you to do only what's essential in your life, and eliminate the rest. I believe websites can benefit from Essentialism. Businesses love to pack features and content into their websites, thinking that more is good. The Essentialist approach instead advocates "less but better," achieved by focusing on […]

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