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How to Scan a WordPress Site for Malware

Learn how to scan your WordPress site to see if it's been hacked or has malware.

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Do You Really Need WordPress Maintenance?

Just like you maintain your car, you must maintain your WordPress site. The WordPress experts at OptimWise explain how - and why.

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How to Audit and Clean Up WordPress Plugins

Excessive WordPress plugins slow your site down, and decrease security. Learn how you can get rid of them.

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How to Reduce Contact Form Spam in WordPress (Gravity Forms)

Learn how to reduce the amount of spam coming through your website contact forms.

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How To Edit WordPress Comments to Make Them Less Spammy

You don’t have to delete every comment that seems spammy. Here's how to edit WordPress comments to make them less spammy.

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How to Remove -2 from WordPress URL (Permalink)

Learn how to remove -2 from the permalink (URL) of a WordPress page or post. Video and text instructions for removing the -2.

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A Client's Guide to Working Effectively with Web Designers

Without clear communication, expectation management, and professionalism, your business relationships suffer. These benchmarks hold especially true for the working relationship you have with your web design and online marketing team. You've hired us to give you a better website and improved web presence; and in doing so, you've taken a big leap of faith in believing we'll deliver. This investment […]

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Best Podcasts for Web Agency Owners, Spring 2017

We share the best podcasts for web agency owners. These podcasts focus on actionable information you can use to improve your business today.

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Why Your Business Needs a Mobile-Friendly Design Now

Responsive, mobile-friendly sites are the difference between reaching mobile users and losing conversions.

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IT Jargon on Your Website: Alienating or Credibility-Building?

As an IT professional, your geek-speak earns you credibility among your peers. Unfortunately, among the business executives who are your prospective customers, it earns you blank stares, confused head tilts, and exasperated sighs. Those aren't your desired responses. Ideally, you want to see nods of understanding and, subsequently, follow-up questions about the cost of your IT services. How […]

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13 Website Design Mistakes We Wish All Businesses Knew

OptimWise’s web designers outline how you can edit your business’ website to maximize conversions.

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Security: The Most Important Service Your IT Company Isn't Marketing (And Why It Should)

Security is a growing concern for the businesses you serve. If you don't market your IT security services, you're leaving money on the table.

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